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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018The algorithms of preliminary processing of the inclinometric control data during the monitoring of the buildingGrecheneva, A. V.; Kuzichkin, O. R.; Dorofeev, N. V.; Surzhik, D. I.
2017Geotechnical monitoring of the objects based on the method of inclinometric control of own frequenciesKuzichkin, O. R.; Grecheneva, A. V.; Dorofeev, N. V.; Mishunin, V. V.
2017Spatio-temporal data processing of automated geodynamic monitoring systemDorofeev, N. V.; Kuzichkin, O. R.; Romanov, R. V.; Koskin, A. V.
2018The forecasting of the development of suffosion processes in urban on the basis of the geoelectric modeling by the data of the phasometric system of the geodynamic controlDorofeev, N. V.; Kuzichkin, O. R.; Grecheneva, A. V.; Baknin, M. D.
2017Geodynamic monitoring of development of a karst on the basis of georadar soundingKuzichkin, O. R.; Mikhaleva, E. S.; Dorofeev, N. V.; Romanov, R. V.
2018Analysis of noise characteristics of multichannel systems of the formation of signals of georadars with synthesized apertureKuzichkin, O. R.; Surzhik, D. I.; Vasiliev, G. S.; Kurilov, I. A.; Dorofeev, N. V.
2017Application of a phase-measuring method in the inclinometric systems of geotechnical monitoringGrecheneva, A. V.; Kuzichkin, O. R.; Dorofeev, N. V.; Eremenko, V. T.
2017Determination of the preliminary phase of the facility destruction based on the resistance-acoustic method of controlKuzichkin, O. R.; Bykov, A. A.; Dorofeev, N. V.; Podmasteriev, K. V.
2017Design and use of highly sensitive induction sensors for geodynamic monitoringKuzichkin, O. R.; Mikhaleva, E. S.; Dorofeev, N. V.; Grecheneva, A. V.