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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002The role of grain boundary sliding in microstructural evolution during superplastic deformation of a 7055 aluminum alloyKaibyshev R.; Goloborodko A.; Musin F.; Nikulin I.; Sakai T.
2003Grain refinement in as-cast 7475 aluminum alloy under hot equal-channel angular pressingGoloborodko, A.; Sitdikov, O.; Sakai, T.; Kaibyshev, R.; Miura, H.
2003Superplasticity in a 7055 aluminum alloy subjected to intense plastic deformationKaibyshev R.; Sakai T.; Nikulin I.; Musin F.; Goloborodko A.
2013Mechanical properties and fracture behavior of an Al-Mg-Sc-Zr alloy at ambient and subzero temperaturesZhemchuzhnikova, D.; Mogucheva, A.; Kaibyshev, R.
2002High strain rate superplasticity in an Al-Li-Mg alloy subjected to equal-channel angular extrusionMusin F.; Kaibyshev R.; Motohashi Y.; Sakuma T.; Itoh G.
2011Development of ultra-fine grained structure in an Al-5.4%Mg-0.5%Mn alloy subjected to severe plastic deformationNikulin, I.; Kipelova, A.; Malopheyev, S.; Kaibyshev, R.
2005Grain refinement in coarse-grained 7475 Al alloy during severe hot forgingSitdikov O.; Sakai T.; Goloborodko A.; Miura H.; Kaibyshev R.
2003Grain refinement in as-cast 7475 Al alloy under hot multiaxial deformationSitdikov, O.; Goloborodko, A.; Sakai, T.; Miura, H.; Kaibyshev, R.
2001Superplasticity in A 2219 aluminum alloyKaibyshev, R.; Kazakulov, I.; Gromov, D.; Musin, F.; Lesuer, D. R.
2003Superplastic response of an advanced Al–Li–Mg–Cu–Sc alloy subjected to intense plastic deformationShagiev M.; Motohashi Y.; Musin F.; Kaibyshev R.; Itoh G.