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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Numerical computation of incoherent bremsstrahlung from fast electrons in single crystalsShulga, N. F.; Syshchenko, V. V.; Tarnovsky, A. I.
2001The second born approximation in theory of bremsstrahlung of relativistic electrons and positrons in crystalShulga, N. F.; Syshchenko, V. V.
2001Polarization of transition radiation on some sorts of targetsShulga, N. F.; Syshchenko, V. V.
2007Eikonal approximation in the transition radiation theoryShulga, N. F.; Syshchenko, V. V.
2001About the mechanisms of high-energy charged particle deflection by a bent crystalGreenenko, A. A.; Shulga, N. F.
2000Possibility of deflecting relativistic-ion beams by bent single crystalsGreenenko, A. A.; Shulga, N. F.
2000Relativistic-electron scattering on an atomic string of a crystal at ultrasmall angles of particle incidence on a stringShulga, N. F.; Truten, V. I.
2008Orientation efects in the incoherent bremsstrahlung by high energy particles in a crystal = Ориентационные эффекты в некогерентном тормозном излучении частиц высоких энергий в кристаллеShulga, N. F.; Syshchenko, V. V.; Tarnovsky, A. I.
2009On the motion of high energy wave packets and the transition radiation by "half-bare" electron = О движении частиц высоких энергий волновых пакетов и переходного излучения "полуголого" электронаShulga, N. F.; Syshchenko, V. V.; Shulga, S. N.
2003Spectral-angular distributions of radiation from relativistic electrons in a thin layer of matterFomin, S. P.; Shulga, N. F.; Shulga, S. N.