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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Program for experimental investigations of the mechanisms for the emission of coherent radiation by relativistic electrons with energies of 10-500 MeV in oriented crystalsVnukov, I. E.; Grishin, V. K.; Nasonov, N. N.
2007Features of bremsstrahlung from relativistic electrons in solid targetsNasonov, N. N.; Zhukova, P. N.
2001Experimental investigation of the polarization bremsstrahlung from relativistic electrons in amorphous and polycrystalline mediaBlazhevich, S. V.; Grishin, V. K.; Ishkhanov, V. S.; Nasonov, N. N.; Petukhov, V. P.; Chepurnov, A. S.; Shvedunov, V. I.
2000Spectral structure of polarization radiation from relativistic electrons in aluminumBlazhevich, S. V.; Grishin, V. K.; Ishkhanov, B. S.; Nasonov, N. N.; Nefedov, G. S.; Petukhov, V. P.; Shvedunov, V. I.
2009Observation of the enhancement of parametric radiation under conditions of the grazing incidence of relativistic electrons on the crystal surfaceEliseev, A. N.; Kubankin, A. S.; Nazhmudinov, R. M.; Nasonov, N. N.; Subbotin, A. V.
2008On the possibility of using parametric X-ray radiation to study anisotropy of a crystal mosaic structureKubankin, A. S.; Nasonov, N. N.
2000Collimator-size effect on the parametric-radiation spectrumKamyshanchenko, N. V.; Kuzmenko, I. N.; Nasonov, N. N.; Nasonova, V. A.
2008Angular dependence of the coherent peak position in the polarization bremsstrahlung spectrum of relativistic electrons in polycrystalline targetsGostishchev, N. A.; Kubankin, A. S.; Nasonov, N. N.; Polyanskii, V. V.; Sergienko, V. I.; Khablo, V. A.
2005X-rays from relativistic electrons crossing a multilayer nanostructureNasonov, N. N.; Kaplin, V. V.; Uglov, S. R.; Zabaev, V. N.; Piestrup, M. A.; Gary, C. K.
2007Extreme ultraviolet emission from non-relativistic electrons penetrating a multilayer nanostructureGoldstein, M.; Nasonov, N. N.; Kubankin, A. S.; Zhukova, P. N.; Williams, D. L.