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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Grain refinement under multiple warm deformation in 304 type austenitic stainless steelBelyakov, A.; Sakai, T.; Miura, H.; Kaibyshev, R.
1999О взаимосвязи содержания и формы лингвокультурем при переводе : на материале перевода романа Б. Пастернака "Доктор Живаго"Охремова, Е. А.
1999Dynamic chaos phenomenon at axial channeling and over-barrier motion of relativistic ions in crystalsShulga, N. F.; Akhiezer, A. I.; Truten, V. I.
1999Soil catenas in archeological landscapesLisetskii, F. N.
1999Magnetic properties of the new diluted magnetic semiconductor Zn₁₋ₓMnₓAs₂: evidence of MnAs clustersLaiho, R.; Landeranta, E.; Lisunov, K. G.; Zakhvalinskii, V. S.
1999Collective effects in polarization x-ray bremsstrahlung of relativistic electrons and microstructure analysis of mediaBlazhevich, S. V.; Nasonov, N. N.; Chepurnov, A. S.; Grishin, V. K.; Ishkhanov, B. S.; Petukhov, V. P.; Shvedunov, V. I.
1999High efficiency compact source of monochromatic tunable X-rayradiation on base of electron accelerator with moderate particle energyGrishin, V. K.; Likhachev, S. P.; Nasonov, N. N.
1999Soil formation in the Mediterranean type of climate, South Cost of the CrimeaLisetskii, F. N.
1999Role of internal stresses in the localization of plastic flow of irradiated materialsKamyshanchenko, N. V.; Krasil’nikov, V. V; Sirota, V. V.; Neklyudov, I. M.; Parkhomenko, A. A
1999Quantum theory for coupled harmonic oscillators with exponentially changing massesZhukov, A. V.; Zhukova, P. N.