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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Microstructural evolution in a commercial Al-Mg-Sc alloy during ECAP at 300°CSitdikov, O.; Sakai, T.; Avtokratova, E.; Kaibyshev, R.; Tsuzaki, K.
2007Grain refinement in a commercial Al–Mg–Sc alloy under hot ECAP conditionsSitdikov, O.; Sakai, T.; Avtokratova, E.; Kaibyshev, R.; Kimura, Y.
2005Deformation behavior of a modified 5083 aluminum alloyKaibyshev, R.; Musin, F.; Avtokratova, E.; Motohashi, Y.
2008Effect of processing temperature on microstructure development during ECAP of Al-Mg-Sc alloySitdikov, O.; Avtokratova, E.; Sakai, T.; Tsuzaki, K.; Kaibyshev, R.
2010Mechanical properties of an Al-Mg-Sc alloy subjected to intense plastic strainingKaibyshev, R.; Avtokratova, E.; Sitdikov, O.
2008Microstructure behavior of Al–Mg–Sc alloy processed by ECAP at elevated temperatureSitdikov, O.; Sakai, T.; Avtokratova, E.; Kaibyshev, R.; Tsuzaki, K.
2006High strain rate superplasticity in an Al–Mg–Sc–Zr alloy subjected to simple thermomechanical processingKaibyshev, R.; Avtokratova, E.; Apollonov, A.; Davies, R.
2010Effect of intense plastic straining on microstructure and mechanical properties of an Al-Mg-Sc alloyKaibyshev, R.; Avtokratova, E.; Sitdikov, O.
2008Fatigue-crack-growth behavior of ultrafine-grained Al-Mg-Sc alloy produced by ECAPAvtokratova, E.; Sitdikov, O.; Kaibyshev, R.; Watanabe, Y.
2006Fine-grained structure formation in Al-Mg-Sc alloy during hot ECAPSitdikov, O.; Kaibyshev, R.; Avtokratova, E.; Tsuzaki, K.