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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Aggregate composition of soils, its assessment and monitoringBulygin, S. Yu.
2007Variable-Range Hopping Conduction in LaMnO₃₊δZakhvalinskii, V. S. ; Laiho, R. ; Khokhulin, A. V. ; Lisunov, K. G. ; Lahderanta, E.
2012Современные проблемы эрозиоведенияЛисецкий, Ф. Н.; Светличный, А. А.; Черный, С. Г.
2002Variable-range hopping conductivity and absence of a true metal–insulator transition in La₀.₇₋δCa₀.₃Mn₁₋ᵧFeᵧO₃Laiho, R. ; Lisunov, K. G. ; Zakhvalinskii,V. S. ; Lahderanta, E. ; Salminen,J.
2010Structural changes in steel 10Kh9K3V1M1FBR due to creepSkorobogatykh, V.N.; Shchenkova, I.A.; Kaibyshev, R.O.; Kipelova, A. Yu.
2010Structural changes in refractory steel 10Kh9V2MFBR due to creep at 650°CDudko,V. A. ; Belyakov, A. N. ; Skorobogatykh,V. N. ; Shenkova, I. A. ; Kaibyshev, R. O.
2004Шестая рамочная программа ЕС по исследованиям и разработкам: основные особенности и перспективыМосковкин, В. М.
2009Independent method of Au determination in different materials by applying (ƴ,ƴ')m-reactionAfanasev, S. N.; Kuplennikov, E. L.; Krasilnikov, V. V.
2003Principal anthocyans from certain plants of the Grossulariaceae familyDeineka, V. I.; Grigorev, A. M.; Staroverov, V. M
2009The conditions for the integrated education children with impaired developmentGodovnikova, L. V.