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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Using "Unit-Function-Object" approach to solve main problems in ontology engineeringKondratenko, A. A.; Matorin, S. I.
2018Analysis of noise characteristics of multichannel systems of the formation of signals of georadars with synthesized apertureKuzichkin, O. R.; Surzhik, D. I.; Vasiliev, G. S.; Kurilov, I. A.; Dorofeev, N. V.
2018Multi-critera selection of a corporate system by using paired comparison analysisLomakin, V. V.; Putivtseva, N. P.; Zaitseva, T. V.; Liferenko, M. V.; Zaitsev, I. M.
2018On the origin of the superior long-term creep resistance of a 10% Cr steelMishnev, R.; Dudova, N.; Kaibyshev, R.
2018Calculation of the function objects as the systems formal theory basisMatorin, S. I.; Zhikharev, A. G.
2018Indicators of similarity and dissimilarity of multi-attribute objects in the metric spaces of sets and multisetsPetrovsky, A. B.
2018About signals allowing to provide sustainability to impacts of short-term and or focused on spectrum interferenceZhilyakov, E. G.; Belov, S. P.; Ursol, D. V.
2018Compensation method of geodynamic trend in the systems of geoelectric controlVasilyev, G. S.; Kuzichkin, О. R.; Grecheneva, A. V.; Dorofeev, N. V.
2018Deformation behavior of high-mn TWIP steels processed by warm-to-hot workingTorganchuk, V.; Glezer, A. M.; Belyakov, A.; Kaibyshev, R.
2018EBSD characterization of cryogenically rolled type 321 austenitic stainless steelKorznikova, G.; Mironov, S.; Konkova, T.; Aletdinov, A.; Zaripova, R.