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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Recrystallization behavior of a Ni-20%Cr alloy subjected to severe plastic deformationDudova, N.; Belyakov, A.; Kaibyshev, R.
2012Strength and ductility-related properties of ultrafine grained two-phase titanium alloy produced by warm multiaxial forgingZherebtsov, S.; Kudryavtsev, E.; Kostjuchenko, S.; Malysheva, S; Salishchev, G.
2012The effect of nitriding at low temperatures on tribological and magnetic properties of austenitic stainless steelSmolyakova, M. Yu.; Vershinin, D. S.; Kolobov, Yu. R.; Chernikov, S. V.; Stognei, O. V.; Tregubov, I. M.
2012Ab initio study of Ti-C precipitates in hcp titanium: Formation energies, elastic moduli and theoretical diffraction patternsAksyonov, D. A.; Lipnitskii, A. G.; Kolobov, Yu. R.
2012Effect of high-temperature exposure on the mechanical properties of 18Cr–8Ni–W–Nb–V–N stainless steelNikulin, I.; Kipelova, A.; Kaibyshev, R.
2012Development and building expert system for choice of type service IT-infrastructureZaitseva, T.; Igrunova, S.; Nesterova, E.; Pusnaya, O.; Putivzeva, N.
2012Effect of cold rolling on microstructure and mechanical properties of copper subjected to ECAP with various numbers of passesStepanov, N. D.; Kuznetsov, A. V.; Salishchev, G. A.; Raab, G. I.; Valiev, R. Z.
2012Final distribution density of material fragment sizes at slow fragmentation processBrodskii, R. Ye.; Virchenko, Yu. P.
2012Femtosecond laser color marking of metal and semiconductor surfacesIonin, A. A.; Kudryashov, S. I.; Golosov, E. V.; Golosova, O. A.; Kolobov, Yu. R.
2012On the need for a new description and performance standard business processesZaitseva, N. O.