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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Шестая рамочная программа ЕС по исследованиям и разработкам: основные особенности и перспективыМосковкин, В. М.
2009Independent method of Au determination in different materials by applying (ƴ,ƴ')m-reactionAfanasev, S. N.; Kuplennikov, E. L.; Krasilnikov, V. V.
2003Principal anthocyans from certain plants of the Grossulariaceae familyDeineka, V. I.; Grigorev, A. M.; Staroverov, V. M
2009The conditions for the integrated education children with impaired developmentGodovnikova, L. V.
2008Enhancement of spectral-angular density of parametric X-rays in Laue geometry due to change in the angle between a target surface and reflecting atomic planesBlazhevich, S. V.; Noskov, A. V.
2006Variable-range hopping conductivity and structure of density of localized states in LaMnO₃₊δ under pressureLaiho, R. ; Lisunov, K. G. ; Zakhvalinskii, V. S. ; Lahderanta, E. ; Khokhulin, A.
2006Получение и магнитные свойства LaMnO₃₊δ (0 ≤δ ≤ 0.154)-
2000Flow of a liquid about a nonuniformly heated droplet with arbitrary temperature differences in its vicinityMalai, N. V.
2007Кристаллическая структура и магнитный порядок манганитов La₀.₇Ca₀.₃Mn₁₋ᵧFeᵧO₃Курбаков, А. И.
2002Program for experimental investigations of the mechanisms for the emission of coherent radiation by relativistic electrons with energies of 10-500 MeV in oriented crystalsVnukov, I. E.; Grishin, V. K.; Nasonov, N. N.