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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Deformation behavior and controlling mechanisms for plastic flow of magnesium and magnesium alloyGaliyev, A.; Sitdikov, O.; Kaibyshev, R.
2009Mechanisms of hopping conductivity of p-CdSb:Ni in magnetic fieldLaiho R.; Lahderanta E.; Lashkul A. V.; Lisunov K. G.; Zakhvalinskii V. S.
2002The role of grain boundary sliding in microstructural evolution during superplastic deformation of a 7055 aluminum alloyKaibyshev R.; Goloborodko A.; Musin F.; Nikulin I.; Sakai T.
2009Innovative methods of nanomaterial grafts application in neurosurgeryPavlova, T. V.; Krivetsky, V. V.; Pavlova, L. A.; Ivanov, M. B.; Kolesnikov, D. A.; Kolobov, Yu. R.
2000Deformation behavior of 7475 aluminium alloy at high temperaturesKaibyshev R.; Sitdikov O.; Goloborodko A.; Sakai T.
2004Superplasticity in an 7475 aluminum alloy subjected to equal channel angular extrusionNikulin I.; Kaibyshev R.; Sakai T.; Musin F.
2009Many-body effects in multiply charged ion formation in a superstrong laser fieldKornev, A. S.; Tulenko, E. B.; Zon, B. A.
2003A film model of sound propagation in gas-liquid foams : 1.The sound velocityKann, K. B.; Kislitsyn, A. A.
2007Variable-Range Hopping Conduction in LaMnO₃₊δZakhvalinskii, V. S. ; Laiho, R. ; Khokhulin, A. V. ; Lisunov, K. G. ; Lahderanta, E.
2002Variable-range hopping conductivity and absence of a true metal–insulator transition in La₀.₇₋δCa₀.₃Mn₁₋ᵧFeᵧO₃Laiho, R. ; Lisunov, K. G. ; Zakhvalinskii,V. S. ; Lahderanta, E. ; Salminen,J.