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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022The effect of the composition of Soderm-Forte gel and the new injectable form of Rexod on pathology findings in gingival tissue in experimental periodontitis in ratsGalenko-Yaroshevsky, P. A.; Leontev, V. K.; Slavinskiy, A. A.; Tseluiko, K. V.; Zadorozhniy, M. A.
2022Characteristics of the state of bone tissue in genetically modified mice with impaired enzymatic regulation of steroid hormone metabolismKorokin, M. V.; Gudyrev, O. S.; Lebedev, P. R.; Kuzubova, E. V.; Radchenko, A. I.; Koklin, I. S.; Taran, E. I.; Kochkarov, A. A.
2022Classical analgesic drugs modulate nociceptive-like escape behavior in Drosophila melanogaster larvaeThamyris Santos-Silva; Caio Fabio Baeta Lopes; Jennifer Diniz Soares Guimaraes; Felipe Berti Valer; Gustavo Campos Silva e Kuhn
2022Effect of recombinant Sox9 protein on the expression of cartilage-specific genes in human dermal fibroblasts cell cultureBozhokin, M. S.; Bozhkova, S. A.; Sopova, J. V.; Mikhailova, E. N.; Marchenko, D. V.
2022The mechanism of antidepressant action of a new 3-substituted thiethane-1,1-dioxide derivative in tests of neuropharmacological interactionNikitina, I. L.
2022Future directions in cancer immunotherapy with monoclonal antibodiesLucía Cabello-Alemán
2022Recent advances in the pharmacotherapy of osteoarthritisMuthu Meera
2022In-silico identification of novel inhibitors for human Aurora kinase B form the ZINC database using molecular docking-based virtual screeningAshraf Ahmed Ali Abdusalam
2022Endothelial dysfunction: developmental mechanisms and therapeutic strategiesShcheblykin, D. V.; Bolgov, A. A.; Pokrovskii, M. V.; Stepenko, Yu. V.; Tsuverkalova, Y. M.; Shcheblykina, O. V.; Korokina, L. V.
2022Ribosome biogenesis and ribosome therapy in cancer cellsTemaj, G.; Hadziselimovic, R.; Nefic, H.; Nuhii, N.
2022Bisacodyl overcomes morphine-induced Bisacodyl overcomes morphine-induced constipation by decreasing colonic Aquaporin-3 and Aquaporin-4 expressionRahmadi, M.; Ardianto, C.; Nurhan, A. D.; Chasanah, R. A.; Krismonika, D. I.
2022Pharmacological correction of the sequelae of acute alcohol-induced myocardial damage with new derivatives of neuroactive amino acids coupled with the blockade of the neuronal NO synthase isoformKustova, M. V.; Perfilova, V. N.; Prokofiev, I. I.; Musyko, E. A.; Kucheryavenko, A. S.
2022Study of neuroprotective activity of new acetylcholinesterase inhibitors TVA and TVS in experimental model of Alzheimer’s diseaseGasparyan, H. V.; Buloyan, S. A.; Harutyunyan, H. A.; Pogosyan, A. E.; Arshakyan, L. M.
2022Evaluation of gastroprotective activity of a chitosan-based gel containing dexpanthenolBuzlama, A. V.
2022Zinc metabolism in healthy men and in patients with chronic bacterial prostatitisBratchikov, O. I.; Dubonos, P. A.; Tyuzikov, I. A.; Zhilyaeva, Yu. A.
2022Physicians’ knowledge and preferences in tactics of management and rational pharmacotherapy of arterial hypertension in pregnant women (PHYGEST study)Bontsevich, R. A.; Balamutova, T. I.; Chukhareva, N. A.; Tsygankova, O. V.; Batisheva, G. A.
2022Molecular mechanisms of myocardial damage in the hypertensive rats and hypertensive rats with metabolic disorders (diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis)Belenichev, I. F.; Abramov, A. V.; Puzyrenko, A.; Bukhtiyarova, N. V.; Gorchakova, N. O.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 17 of 17