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dc.contributor.authorLipnitskii, A. G.-
dc.contributor.authorNelasov, I. V.-
dc.contributor.authorKolobov, Yu. R.-
dc.identifier.citationLipnitskii, A.G. Self-diffusion parameters of grain boundaries and triple junctions in nanocrystalline materials / A.G. Lipnitskii, I.V. Nelasov, Yu.R. Kolobov ; Belgorod State University // Defect and diffusion forum. - 2011. - Vol. 309-310.-P. 45-50. - doi:10.4028/
dc.description.abstractSuggested methods describe the process of self-diffusion along grain boundaries and triple junctions in polycrystals without using geometric models of the grain boundaries structure. The calculation method introduced diffusion characteristics along grain boundaries derived from the results of molecular dynamic simulations of nanocrystalline materialsru
dc.subjectmetal scienceru
dc.subjectnanocrystalline materialsru
dc.subjecttriple junctionru
dc.subjectgrain boundaryru
dc.subjectmolecular dynamicsru
dc.titleSelf-diffusion parameters of grain boundaries and triple junctions in nanocrystalline materialsru
dc.identifier.citationpublicationDefect and diffusion forumru
dc.description.institutionBelgorod State Universityru
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