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dc.contributor.authorNancy Burkhalter-
dc.identifier.citationNancy Burkhalter. Predicting students’ GPAs based on cloze tests in Kazakhstan / Nancy Burkhalter // Научный результат. Сер. Вопросы теоретической и прикладной лингвистики. - 2015. - Т.1, №3(5).-С. 104-109. - doi: 10.18413 / 2313-8912-2015-1-3-104-109. - Refer: p.
dc.description.abstractThe purpose o f this study was to determine what correlation, if any, existed between the MA TESOL entrance exam, specifically the cloze test, and students’ performance in the program at an English-medium university in Central Asia. This was accomplished by comparing the results o f students’ scores on the three parts of the exam (cloze and two essays) with their GPAs. Findings showed the number correct in the second h alf (with exact-word scoring) o f an academic passage had a higher correlation with GPA (0.60; significant at 0.01). Correlations with the essays were not significantru
dc.subjectmethods of teaching languagesru
dc.subjectreading comprehensionru
dc.subjectscoring methodru
dc.subjectdeletion ratioru
dc.titlePredicting students’ GPAs based on cloze tests in Kazakhstanru
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