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dc.contributor.authorBogus, S. K.-
dc.contributor.authorDukhanin, A. S.-
dc.contributor.authorKucheryavenko, A. F.-
dc.contributor.authorVinakov, D. V.-
dc.contributor.authorSuzdalev, K. F.-
dc.identifier.citationPleyotropic antiaggregant effects of an innovative antiarrhythmic of class III SS-68, an indole derivative / S.K. Bogus [и др.] // Research result: pharmacology and clinical pharmacology. - 2017. - Т.3, №2.-С. 3-13. - DOI: 10.18413/
dc.description.abstractA new indole derivative with the lab code-number SS-68 demonstrates a significant antiarrhythmic (anti-fibrillation) activity associated with the predominant influence on potassium and calcium conductivity of cardiomyocytes plasmalemmas. The preliminary data give evidence of SS-68 possessing an antiaggregant activity. The influence of SS-68 on the platelet formation stage of hemostasis was determined by assessment of the anti-platelet effect (measuring platelet aggregation with Born/ O’Brien method), the dynamics of intracellular concentration of calcium ions in platelets was studied with FURA-2/АМ fluorescent proberu
dc.subjectSS-68 compoundru
dc.subjectplatelet aggregationru
dc.subjectintracellular calciumru
dc.subjectmolecular targets of anti-platelet effectru
dc.titlePleyotropic antiaggregant effects of an innovative antiarrhythmic of class III SS-68, an indole derivativeru
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