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Title: Ancient and (Post)modern eschatological notions
Authors: Kindjic, Z.
Keywords: religion
religious studies
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Kindjic, Z. Ancient and (Post)modern eschatological notions / Z. Kindjic // Научный результат. Сер. Социология и управление. - 2018. - Т.4, №1.-С. 23-32. - DOI: 10.18413/2408-9338-2018-4-1-23-32. - Refer.: p. 32.
Abstract: Before discussing different eschatological notions, the author indicates that it is possible to argue both cyclical and linear conception of time. Cyclical conception of time is typical of mythic understanding of the world, Far Eastern religions and ancient polytheism. Unlike monistic and pantheistic understanding of the world, monotheistic religions, as well as the modern science, support linear understanding of time. Within scientific linear conception of time, it is possible to represent an optimistic idea of infinite progress, but also a pessimistic idea, based on the second law of thermodynamics, that the universe is facing death caused by cooling. Having presented different versions of messianic ideas in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism, the author reflects on eschatological notions of the Esoterics, present in the basis of the syncretistic New Age movement
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