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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Pharmacotherapeutic strategies for endothelial dysfunction correction with use of statines in syndrome of systemic inflammatory responseDenisiuk, T. A.
2017New Dosage Form of L-arginine based on its complex with cellulose acetate sulfate and activated carbonShakhno, E. A.; Savitskaya, T. A.; Pokrovskaya, T. G.; Yakushev, V. I.; Grinshpan, D. D.
2017Pharmacological correction of fetoplacental insufficiency with fetal growth retardation syndromeKlycheva, O. I.; Lazareva, G. A.; Khuraseva, A. B.
2017The methodology of assessing the effectiveness of the therapyPokrovsky, V. M.; Polishchuk, L. V.; Polishchuk, S. V.
2016Experimental substantiation efficiency of application of the amaranth seeds oil at complications invoked by isoniazidMuzalevskaya, E. N.
2018Investigation of the bischofite gel reparative effect on the linear wound modelMayorova, A. V.; Sysuev, B. B.; Khanaliyeva, I. A.; Tretyakova, E. V.; Evseeva, S. B.
2019Pharmacological correction of periodontitis using synthetic analogues of indolicidinKutepov, I. V.; Lyashev, Y. D.
2018New personalized genetic mouse model of Lesch-Nyhan syndrome for pharmacology and gene therapyKalmykov, V. A.; Kusov, P. A.; Yablonskaia, M. I.; Korshunov, E. N.; Korshunova, D. S.
2019Mechanism of neuroprotective effect of mGluR4 agonistsAvdeeva, N. V.; Sidorova, S. A.; Gudyrev, O. S.; Osipova, O. A.; Golubev, I. V.
2019Hepatoprotective effect of opioid peptides in stressSolin, A. V.; Lyashev, Y. D.; Tsygan, N. V.
2019Study to Investigate the anti-inflammatory effect of Codelac® Broncho with Thymus Serpyllum (elixir) in comparison with reference drug Fenspiride (syrup) using accute carrageenan-induced paw inflammation modelKolesnichenko, P. D.; Peresypkina, A. A.; Poromov, A. A.; Kareva, E. N.; Tverskoi, A. V.
2019Methodology for determining the correlation of the clinical efficacy of therapy with the addition of a drug (for example, anti-asthma therapy in children)Zhukova, O. V.
2019Pharmacological vector of Rudolf BuchheimReznikov, K. M.
2019Pleiotropic effects of erythropoietin. Influence of erythropoietin on processes of mesenchymal stem cells differentiationZubareva, E. V.; Nadezhdin, S. V.; Burda, Y. E.; Nadezhdina, N. A.; Gashevskaya, A. S.
2019Comparative assessment of physicians’ and senior medical students’ basic knowledge in treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseBontsevich, R. A.; Filinichenko, T. S.; Vovk, Y. R.; Gavrilova, A. A.; Prozorova, G. G.
2019Characteristics of adverse side effects of corticosteroid therapy in children with nephrotic syndrome and methods of pharmacological correctionBatishcheva, G. A.; Zhdanova, O. A.; Nastausheva, T. L.; Chernov, Y. N.
2019Gender and age differences of compliance in liver transplant recipientsKosmacheva, E. D.; Babich, A. E.
2019Benzofurocaine: effects on experimental periodontitis, anti-diabetic activity and molecular mechanisms of actionGalenko-Yaroshevsky, P. A.; Popkov, V. L.; Bedrosova, K. A.; Faustov, L. A.; Sukoyan, G. V.
2019Influence of beta-blockers on mechanical dyssynchrony and cardiac remodeling in patients with ischemic chronic heart failure in the setting of revascularizationAskari, I. V.; Osipova, O. A.
2019Features of the pharmacological activity of polypeptide modulators on acid-sensitive ion channels in the experimentDyachenko, I. A.; Murashev, A. N.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 189