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Title: Development of personnel technologies in the customs system of the Russian Federation
Authors: Selyukov, M. V.
Ivashchenko, S. A.
Shalygina, N. P.
Keywords: economy
international trade integration
international business
foreign trade
customs bodies of the Russian Federation
FCS of Russia
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Selyukov, M.V. Development of personnel technologies in the customs system of the Russian Federation / M.V. Selyukov, S.A. Ivashchenko, N.P. Shalygina // Научный результат. Сер. Экономические исследования. - 2017. - Т.3, №3.-С. 91-95. - DOI: 10.18413/2409-1634-2017-3-3-91-95.
Abstract: In the paper, the authors study the main reasons for introducing economic sanctions against the Russian Federation and how to counteract them. At the same time, the current situation requires intensified development of the international business to modernize the Russian economy. For this, it has become imperative to understand the role and place of the customs of the Russian Federation in this process and to further improve the approaches to staffing a federal executive body – the Federal Customs Service (FCS of Russia) in terms of selecting highly skilled personnel. In the end, a unified methodology for evaluating candidates taking civil service postsin the customs bodies is proposed
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