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Title: Influence of the enterosorbent on quality of eggs
Authors: Buhanov, V. D.
Vesentsev, A. I.
Naumenko, L. I.
Sokolovsky, P. V.
Pankova, O. N.
Keywords: agriculture
chicken breeding
montmorillonite containing sorbent
laying hens
diet ecofriendly edible egg
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Influence of the enterosorbent on quality of eggs / V. D. Buhanov, A. I. Vesentsev, L. I. Naumenko et al. // Research Result: Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology. - 2016. - Vol.2, №2(3).-P. 107-112. - DOI : 10.18413/2313-8971-2016-2-2-107-112. - Refer.: p. 111-112.
Abstract: In this article research the influence of natural montmorillonite containing sorbent used as a mineral supplement in animal feed in an amount of 30 g per 1 kg of sorbent feed on commercial quality table eggs at his dacha hens-layers. Found that feeding hens’ mineral feed additive reduces the toxic chemical elements in a chicken egg. It was found that the weight of the eggs in the experimental group compared to the control group, was significantly increased by 3,5% (p <0,05) after the completion of feeding the mineral sorbent. Despite the fact that in the control group, egg weight did not change and remained virtually unchanged
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