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Title: Pharmacokinetic studies derived indole SS-68 with antiarrhythmic and antianginal properties
Authors: Galenko-Yaroshevsky, P. A.
Kulikov, A. L.
Vinakov, D. V.
Avtina, T. V.
Suzdalev, K. F.
Keywords: medicine
compound SS-68
pharmacokinetic studies
plasma of rabbits
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Pharmacokinetic studies derived indole SS-68 with antiarrhythmic and antianginal properties / P. A. Galenko-Yaroshevsky, A. L. Kulikov, D. V. Vinakov [et al.] // Research Result: Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology. - 2016. - Vol.2, №2(3).-P. 20-24. - DOI : 10.18413/2313-8971-2016-2-2-20-24. - Refer.: p. 23-24.
Abstract: A method of quantitative determination of SS-68 derivative of indole in rabbit blood plasma by high performance liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometric detector (HPLCMS/ MS). Conducted pharmacokinetic studies SS-68 in the body of rabbits. Set the main pharmacokinetic parameters of the substance that allow you to optimize the future use of it’s as a potential drug in cardiology practice
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