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Title: A stylistic analysis of the beatles’ "let it be"
Authors: Ferdows Agha Golzadeh
Nader Mahdipoor
Keywords: linguistics
linguistic stylistics
song lyrics
Let It Be
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Ferdows Agha Golzadeh. A stylistic analysis of the beatles’ "let it be" / Ferdows Agha Golzadeh, Nader Mahdipoor // Научный результат. Сер. Вопросы теоретической и прикладной лингвистики. - 2016. - Т.2, №2(8).-С.56-60. - DOI: 10.18413/2313-8912-2016-2-2-56-60. - Refer.: p. 60.
Series/Report no.: Вопросы теоретической и прикладной лингвистики;
Abstract: This study is a stylistic analysis of the Beatles’ song lyrics ‘Let It Be’. The aim is to explore the various stylistic devices used in the lyrics at different linguistic levels, and to see how all these stylistic features interact to make the lyrics mean what they mean. The study covers different aspects of style such as rhyme patterns at the level of sounding, and tense selection and transitivity structure at the level of wording and grammar
Appears in Collections:Научный результат. Сер. Вопросы теоретической и прикладной лингвистики

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