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Title: Morphometric study of hippocampal neurons in chronic immobilization stress
Authors: Dolzhikov, A. A.
Tverskoi, A. V.
Bobyntsev, I. I.
Kriukov, A. A.
Belykh, A. E.
Keywords: medicine
pathological physiology
immobilization stress
morphometric study
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Morphometric study of hippocampal neurons in chronic immobilization stress / A. A. Dolzhikov [et al.] // Научный результат. Сер. Медицина и фармация. - 2015. - Т.1, №4(6).-С. 62-65. - doi: 0.18413/2313-8955-2015-1-4-62-65.
Abstract: Hippocampus ensures the implementation of the memory mechanisms, behavioral reactions, including avoidance of stress, aversive effects etc. The study was performed on the material of 20 male Wistar rats weighing 220-250 g, 10 of which were intact control group and 10 were experimental group, in which chronic immobilization stress was simulated. We determined the relative number of neurons in multiple fields of view on the total area of the pyramidal and polymorphic layers of CA1 and CA3 regions (further recalculated per 10,000 μm), larger and smaller diameters of neuron’s bodies, their perimeters and areas with diameters of nuclei and nucleoli, nuclear-cytoplasmic ratio
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