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dc.contributor.authorSeldimirova, O. A.-
dc.contributor.authorZaytsev, D. Yu.-
dc.contributor.authorGalin, I. R.-
dc.contributor.authorKruglova, N. N.-
dc.identifier.citationPhytohormonal regulation of in vitro formation of wheat androgenic structures / O. A. Seldimirova [и др.] // Научный результат. Сер. Физиология. - 2016. - Т.2, №1(7).-С. 3-8. - doi: 10.18413/
dc.description.abstractThis research is devoted to developing a method of phytohormonal regulation of in vitro formation of a certain type of wheat androgenic structures. Using the method of ELISA it was shown that the induction of certain sporophytic morphogenesis pathway in vitro of anther haploid cells - microspores depends on both the content of endogenous auxin IAA in anthers before inoculating them onto induction medium, and the concentration of exogenous auxin 2,4-D in this medium. The obtained data confirms the principle possibility of regulation of ways of getting androgenic regenerants in vitro by selecting the optimal balance of endogenous and exogenous auxinsru
dc.subjectfield husbandryru
dc.subjectandrogenesis in vitroru
dc.titlePhytohormonal regulation of in vitro formation of wheat androgenic structuresru
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