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Title: Communicative competence and psychological aspects when interacting with client in tourism
Authors: Bitter, N. V.
Kolupanova, I. A.
Zhidkova, I. V.
Keywords: pedagogy
psychological training
tourist business
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Bitter, N. V. Communicative competence and psychological aspects when interacting with client in tourism / N. V. Bitter, I. A. Kolupanova, I. V. Zhidkova // Научный результат. Сер. Педагогика и психология образования. - 2015. - Т.1, №2(4).-С. 5-10. - Refer.: p. 10.
Abstract: The article deals with the role of psychological preparation of specialists in service and tourism to building relationships with clients of travel agencies. Attention is paid to what is important in psychological preparation of the expert assigned to the speech skill, because the possession of speech skills influences the formation of the motives and interests of the client, speed, completeness and the strength of assimilation of advertising materials, economy, recall; accuracy, consistency and brightness of managerial playback of the advertised material
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