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Title: Value of "mentality" and "mental" concepts in Russian, English and French
Authors: Kozlova, L. Ya.
Keywords: linguistics
general linguistics
concept "mentality"
national character
world view
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Kozlova, L.Ya. Value of "mentality" and "mental" concepts in Russian, English and French / Kozlova L.Ya. // Научный результат. Сер. Вопросы теоретической и прикладной лингвистики. - 2014. - №1(1).-С. 36-45.
Abstract: The article dwells on the cognitive-national sphere which is the subject of attention of researchers nowadays. One of the concepts that are difficult to detect, includes the concept of mentality, because it is not structured and is a kind of predisposition, the inner person’s willingness to act in a certain way. The origin and formation of the concepts "mentality" and "mental" in Russian and foreign humanities are considered in this article. With this purpose vocabulary definitions on the material of Russian, English and French dictionaries and the researchers' points of view in the given languages are analyzed, and an attempt is made to identify common and different features inherent in these concepts. The method used is a conceptual analysis. In addition, we aim to identify what the correlation of "mentality" and "world view", "mentality" and "national character" concepts are
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