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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011War and Peace: life’s "labyrinth of linkages"Kaufman, A. D.
2000Wave scattering by defects in media with spatial Dispersion and nonradiative dynamic solitonsSavotchenko, S. E.
2019Ways of emotions verbalization and emotive potential of a language signOsintseva, T. V.
2016Ways to Preserve Biological Diversity of Bog Ecosystems within Natural Parks SystemYudina, Y. V.
2020We make the future = Мы делаем будущее-
2019We make the future=Мы делаем будущее-
2019We make the future=Мы делаем будущее-
2007Weak maximum principle for elliptic operators on a stratified setGavrilov, A. A.; Penkin, O. M.
2004Web-сайт НБ БелГУ в информационно-библиотечном обеспечении научно-образовательного процесса университетаМонастырева, В. А.
2017Weblish как средство современной коммуникацииМахонина, А. Э.
2008Werbung im landeskundeunterrichtStromsdorfer, D.
2020What is berry? Etymology of berries’ namesPleskonos, A. S.; Filimonova, N. G.
2016What is the cost of bibliometric games to taxpayers?Moskovkin, V. M.; Serkina, O. V.
2015Wie regionale institutionen, wirtschaft und zivilgesellschaft die transnationalekooperationbedingen. Welchezukunft hat die grenzuber schreitende, europaische zusammenarbeit? Eine veranschaulichung am beispiel der deutsch-polnischengrenzregion Szczecin (Stettin)Mazurek, A.; Mazurek, P.
2019Working out quality standards of model composition samples of granulated dosage form with glutathione restoredAlekseeva, K. A.; Pisarev, D. I.; Malyutina, A. Yu.; Zhilyakova, E. T.; Tsvetkova, Z. E.
2012WTO accession as a condition of Russian external competitiveness in the west European marketByhovets, V. A.; Grineva, N. A.
2003X rays from relativistic electrons in a multilayer structureNasonov, N. N.; Kaplin, V. V.; Uglov,S. R.; Piestrup, M. A.; Gary, C. K.
2001X-ray bremsstrahlung by relativistic particles crossing a thin layer of a mediumNasonov, N.
2006X-ray Cherenkov radiation under conditions of grazing incidence of relativistic electrons onto a target surfaceKubankin, A.; Nasonov, N.; Kaplin, V.; Uglov, S.; Piestrup, M.
2005X-ray generation from relativistic electrons passing through thin targets in cyclical acceleratorsNasonov, N. N.; Kubankin, A. S.; Kaplin, V. V.; Uglov, S. R.; Piestrup, M. A.; Gary, C. K.