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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Safe Information Environment as a Quality Indicator of Educational Institution ManagementPrivalov, A. N.; Bogatyreva, Yu. I.; Romanov, V. А.; Kormakova, V. N.
2008Scale effects in the structure of modern superalloys : Role of nanoparticlesKoneva, N. A.; Nikonenko, E. L.; Popova, N. A.; Fedorishcheva, M. V.; Kolobov, Yu. R.
2007Scandium-containing layered hydroxidesVorontsova, O. A.; Saenko, R. N.; Lebedeva, O. E.
2017Schwarz problem for first-order elliptic systems on the planeVasilyev, V. B.; Nikolaev, V. G.
2017Science Fiction and Future Human: Cyborg, Transhuman and PosthumanSayyed Ali Mirenayat; Ida Baizura Bahar; Rosli Talif; Manimangai Mani
2017Scientific conference "Traditional and contemporary in art and education"Cicovich-Sarajlich, D.
2016Scientific rationale for inclusion of a new nature complex Belyj Kolodez (Russia, Belgorod Region) into the emerald networkGusev, A. V.; Ermakova, E. I.; Buryak, Z. A.
2016Scientometric Characteristic of Theses on Criminal Law Defended At the Universities of the Russian Empire (1815-1917)Loba, V. E.; Malahova, A. S.; Safronova, E. V.
2019SCRIPTA MANENT=Конкурс переводов-
2017Scrutinizing the consumers preferences of Smart Watches as the prerequisite for substantiating the need for a social element in marketing researchPogorelyy, М.
2017Scythian complexes of barrows 5 and 6 from the "Garden" group on the left bank of the Lower Dniester = Скифские комплексы курганов 5 и 6 группы "Сад" на левобережье Нижнего ДнестраSinika, V. S.; Lysenko, S. D.; Теlnov, N. P.
2013Search for molecular-genetic markers of risk germination hyperplastic processes in endometry combined with hysteromyomaDemakova, N.; Altuhova, O.; Churnosov, M.; Krikun, E.; Kapustin, R.
2017Search of new pharmaceuticals on the basis of darbepoetin in the treatment of ischemic stroke: review of literatureReznikov, K. M.; Gorbunova, N. S.; Kolesnichenko, P. D.; Tverskoy, A. V.; Kostina, D. A.
2010Seasonal activity of frog erythrocytes by data of electrophoretic mobilitySkorkina, M. Yu.; Dergachev, R. V.
2014Seasonal fluctuations of migratory activity of ertebrate nuclear hemocytes at different incubation temperaturesChernyavskikh, S. D.; Do Huu Quyet; Vo Van Thanh; Bukovtsova, I. S.
2016Sectoral constraints as a factor of economic security of the regionOrlov, A. V.
2009"Secundum modum recipientis", или рецепция стоицизма в немецкой и русской историко-философской мысли конца XVIII - XIX в.Хазина, А. В.
2019Security of the state power limits: limit systemBelyaeva, G. S.; Makogon, B. V.; Savelyeva, R. V.; Tonkov, E. E.; Dolzhenko, N. I.
2019Security of the state power limits: limit systemBelyaeva, G. S.; Makogon, B. V.; Savelyeva, R. V.; Tonkov, E. E.; Dolzhenko, N. I.
2016Seismic in composite media: elastic and poroelastic componentsMeirmanov, A.; Mukhambethzanov, S.; Nurtas, M.