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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Safe Information Environment as a Quality Indicator of Educational Institution ManagementPrivalov, A. N.; Bogatyreva, Yu. I.; Romanov, V. А.; Kormakova, V. N.
2008Scale effects in the structure of modern superalloys : Role of nanoparticlesKoneva, N. A.; Nikonenko, E. L.; Popova, N. A.; Fedorishcheva, M. V.; Kolobov, Yu. R.
2007Scandium-containing layered hydroxidesVorontsova, O. A.; Saenko, R. N.; Lebedeva, O. E.
2016Scattering of electromagnetic wave by dielectric cylinder in eikonal approximationSyshchenko, V. V.
2017Schwarz problem for first-order elliptic systems on the planeVasilyev, V. B.; Nikolaev, V. G.
2017Science Fiction and Future Human: Cyborg, Transhuman and PosthumanSayyed Ali Mirenayat; Ida Baizura Bahar; Rosli Talif; Manimangai Mani
2017Scientific conference "Traditional and contemporary in art and education"Cicovich-Sarajlich, D.
2016Scientific rationale for inclusion of a new nature complex Belyj Kolodez (Russia, Belgorod Region) into the emerald networkGusev, A. V.; Ermakova, E. I.; Buryak, Z. A.
2018Scientific-practical results of monitoring anthropogenic influence upon environment of mining territoriesKachurin, N.; Komaschenko, V.; Golik, V.; Morkun, V.
2016Scientometric Characteristic of Theses on Criminal Law Defended At the Universities of the Russian Empire (1815-1917)Loba, V. E.; Malahova, A. S.; Safronova, E. V.
2019Screening of the allele pool of the pig populations of various breeds in the Belgorod and Voronezh regions of Russia by the gene of the estrogen receptor gene ESR1Snegin, E. A.; Snegina, E. A.; Barkhatov, A. S.; Artemchuk, O. Yu.; Yusupov, S. R.
2019SCRIPTA MANENT=Конкурс переводов-
2017Scrutinizing the consumers preferences of Smart Watches as the prerequisite for substantiating the need for a social element in marketing researchPogorelyy, М.
2017Scythian complexes of barrows 5 and 6 from the "Garden" group on the left bank of the Lower Dniester = Скифские комплексы курганов 5 и 6 группы "Сад" на левобережье Нижнего ДнестраSinika, V. S.; Lysenko, S. D.; Теlnov, N. P.
2018Search and evaluation of pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic parameters of selective blocker of TRPA₁ ion channels from the group of substituted pyrazinopyrimidinonesBeskhmelnitsyna, E. A.; Dolzhikova, I. N.; Avtina, T. V.; Kulikov, A. L.; Rozhnova, D. V.; Yakushev, V. I.; Martynov, M. A.
2013Search for molecular-genetic markers of risk germination hyperplastic processes in endometry combined with hysteromyomaDemakova, N.; Altuhova, O.; Churnosov, M.; Krikun, E.; Kapustin, R.
2019Search for new pharmacological targets for increasing the efficiency of correction of cardiovascular diseasesKorokina, L. V.; Golubev, I. V.; Pokopejko, O. N.; Zagrebelnaya, A. V.; Demchenko, S. A.
2017Search of new pharmaceuticals on the basis of darbepoetin in the treatment of ischemic stroke: review of literatureReznikov, K. M.; Gorbunova, N. S.; Kolesnichenko, P. D.; Tverskoy, A. V.; Kostina, D. A.
2010Seasonal activity of frog erythrocytes by data of electrophoretic mobilitySkorkina, M. Yu.; Dergachev, R. V.
2014Seasonal fluctuations of migratory activity of ertebrate nuclear hemocytes at different incubation temperaturesChernyavskikh, S. D.; Do Huu Quyet; Vo Van Thanh; Bukovtsova, I. S.