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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Quadratic exponential in modified discrete Fourier transform and shifted Gaussian seriesRyzhkova, E. V.; Serbina, L. I.; Sitnik, S. M.
2015Quality assessment bend finned tubes food systems heat transferPasechko, L.; Remnev, A.; Dorensky, I.; Myachikova, N.
2016Quality assessment of endodontic treatment in patients, passed tomography examination in BelgorodTscymbalystov, A. V.; Kopytov, A. A.; Dorokhova, V. D.; Leontiev, V. K.
2020Quality assessment of university students trainingKucheryavenko, S. A.; Stenyushkina, S. G.; Nazarova, A. N.; Bondarenko, B. A.
2016Quality Assurance in Training Graduates: Priority Strategy FieldsSitnikova, M. I.; Balabanova, T. V.; Kormakova, V. N.; Musaelian, E. N.; Ignatova, I. B.
2018Quality management principles of scientific and methodological support for students’ activity within e-learning environmentKormakova, V. N.; Klepikova, A. G.; Musaelian, E. N.; Prokopenko, Y. A.
2014Quantitative correlation of the in vitro biological effect with parameters of molecular complexation in mutagen-interceptor systemsBuchelnikov, A. S.; Evstigneev, M. P.
2006Quantitative estimation of polydispersity of gas-liquid foamsKann, K. B.
2018Quantitative evaluation of involvement of counties in the international open access movementMoskovkin, V. M.; Polukhin, O. N.; Sadovski, M. V.; Sizyoongo Munenge; Shevchenko, O. V.
2014Quantitative substantiation of pedogenesis model key componentsLisetskii, F.; Chepelev, O.
2018Quantitive evalution of involvement of countries of the world in the international open access movementMoskovkin, V. M.; Polukhin, O. N.; Sadovski, M. V.; Munenge, S.; Shevchenko, O. V.
1999Quantum theory for coupled harmonic oscillators with exponentially changing massesZhukov, A. V.; Zhukova, P. N.
2009Quasi-averages in the solution of the classification problem for equilibriums of condensed media with a spontaneously broken symmetryKovalevskii, M. Yu.
2011Quasi-Inversion method for an evolutionary equation of fractional orderAvad, Kh. K.; Glushak, A. V.
2000Quasi-localized states and resonance scattering of particles by defects in semiconductor crystals with band spectrum structureSavotchenko, S. E.
2009Quasiaverages and classification of equilibrium states of condensed media with spontaneously broken symmetryBogolyubov, N. N.; Demyanenko, D. A.; Kovalevsky, M. Y.; Chekanova, N. N.
2019Quasilinear differential equations for the description of the space of ideal gas conditionsShevtsova, M. V.; Averin, G. V.
2018Questions associated with the social adaptation of immigrants in the British society from a linguistic point of viewMaksaev, A. A.; Smirnova, S. B.
2019Questions of authentication and standardization of white varieties of Ceylon tea imported to RussiaSimakov, A.; Durnova, N.; Artemova, E.; Didusenko, E.; Myachikova, N.
2019Quick search and synchronization algorithm for wideband noise-like signalsBelov, S. P.; Zhilyakov, E. G.; Raczynski, S. A.; Belov, A. S.; Belov, A. S.; Oleynik, I. I.