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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Nanocrystalline S304H austenitic stainless steel processed by multiple forgingTikhonova M.; Kuzminova Y.; Belyakov A.; Kaibyshev R.
2011Nanometer-sized carbon coatings on a silicon wafer: the effect that nitrogen doping level has on specific conductivity and morphologyKolpakov, A. Ya.; Sudzhanskaya, I. V.; Galkina, M. E.; Goncharov, I. Yu.; Poplavskii, A. I.; Manokhin, S. S.
2012Nanostructural thermoelectric materials obtained by solvothermal synthesis and hot isostatic pressure= Получение и свойства наноструктурных термоэлектрических материалов методами сольвотермального синтеза и горячего изостатического прессованияLojkowski, W.; Ivanov, O. N.; Lyubushkin, R. A.; Maradudina, O. N.
2010Nanostructuring of solid surfaces by femtosecond laser pulsesKudryashov, S. I.; Golosov, E. V.; Kolobov, Y. R.
2010Nanotechnological approach to evaluation of mechanical properties of cell surfaces during stimulation and blockade of adrenoceptorsSkorkina, M. J.; Fedorova, M. Z.; Sladkova, E. A.
2009Nanotechnologies for the formation of medical implants based on titanium alloys with bioactive coatingsKolobov, Yu. R.
2015National risks within institutional transformation: socio-economic aspectsKhaikin, M. M.
2015National risks within institutional transformation: socio-economic aspectsKhaikin, M. M.
2010"National security": к пониманию категорииВарфоломеев, М. А.
2013National strategy of the integration of the system of higher professional education of Russia into the international educational marketStepanenko, S. N.; Kamyshanchenko, E. N.
2011Near-threshold femtosecond laser fabrication of one-dimensional subwavelength nanogratings on a graphite surfaceGolosov, E. V.; Ionin, A. A.; Kolobov, Yu. R.
2015Neophrasemics in the context of linguo-cognitive synergeticsAlefirenko, N. F.; Kasyanova, L. Yu.
2015Network model of the social and economic development of the regionLomovtseva, O. A.; Orlova, A. V.
2015Neuropsychological approach to the diagnosis and prevention of deviant behaviorGut Yu.N.; Fedorova, T. V.
2012New Bryokhutuliinia species (bryophyta) with sporophytes from the upper jurassic of TransbaikaliaIgnatov, M. S.; Karasev, E. V.; Sinitsa, S. M.; Maslova, E. V.
2016New challenges of corporate managementSerkina, O.V.
2008New equation for average topological characteristics of the interphase surface in heterogeneous mediaBushlanov, V. P.
1998New grain formation during warm deformation of ferritic stainless steelBelyakov, A.; Kaibyshev, R.; Sakai, T.
2004New grain formation in a coarse-grained 7475 Al alloy during severe hot forgingSitdikov, O.; Sakai, T.; Goloborodko, A.; Miura, H.; Kaibyshev, R.
2015New guidelines as a basis for crisis settlement in the health-oriented teacher training activitiesLe-van, T. N.