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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Jargon in sport discourse: formation and functioningAbrosimova, L. S.; Bogdanova, M. A.
2015Joint effect of glutathione S-transferase genotypes and cigarette smoking on idiopathic male infertilityYarosh, S. L.; Kokhtenko, E. V.; Churnosov, M. I.; Solodilova, M. A.; Polonikov, A. V.
2008Joint European-Russian research area: experience of preparing and managing european research projects for RussiaGirenko, A. F.; Moskovkin, V. M.
2014Journal benchmarking for strategic publication management and for improving journal positioning in the world ranking systemsMoskovkin, V. M.; Bocharova, E. A.; Balashova, O. V.
2014Journal benchmarking: how to improve journal positioning in international scientometrics data basesMoskovkin, V. M.
2019Junior high school EFL teachers’ attitudes towards collaborative action researchBaharlooie, R.; Ghafouri, P.
2019Justice independence: foreign constitutional experiencesZakharov, S.; Chemshit, A.; Novikova, A.; Stus, N.; Zajceva, T.
2018Justification of Landscape and Biotechnical Solutions for Designing Water Protection ZonesPozachenyuk, E. A.; Lisetskii, F. N.; Vlasova, A. N.; Kalinchuk, I. V.
2019Kinematic instrumental analysis of the shoulder and elbow joint in normal conditions and with hypermobility of the joint in the gait cycleVorontcova, O. I.; Udochkina, L. A.; Baranets, M. S.; Grechitaeva, M. V.; Goncharova, L. A.
1998Kinetics of dislocation ensembles in deformable irradiated materialsKamyshanchenko, N. V.; Krasil'nikov, V. V.; Neklyudov, I. M.; Parkhomenko, A. A.
2015Kinetics of grain refinemet in metallic materials during large strain deformationBelyakov, A.; Zherebtsov, S.; Tikhonova, M.; Salishchev, G.
2019Kinetics of recrystallization and grain growth in an ultra-fine grained CoCrFeNiMn-type high-entropy alloyKlimova, M. V.; Shaysultanov, D. G.; Chernichenko, R. S.; Zherebtsov, S. V.; Stepanov, N. D.
2010Kinetics of variation of electrical resistance and yield strength in technically pure nickel due to loading in the elastic range at 300-77 KNeklyudov, I. M.; Kamyshanchenko, N. V.; Borts, V. V.; Gal'tsev, A. V.; Durykhin, M. I.
1997Kinetics ultra-high energy leptons channelingRozhkov, V. V.; Dyul'dya, S. V.; Matyukhin, S. I.
2015Knowledge structures and their representation in the languageAnosova, T. N.; Fedotova, O. V.
2018KrioBlastTM as a new technology of hyper-fast cryopreservation of cells and tissues. Part 1. Thermodynamic aspects and potential applications in reproductive and regenerative medicineKatkov, I. I.; Bolyukh, V. F.; Sukhikh, G. T.
2018KrioBlastTM as a new technology of hyper-fast cryopreservation of cells and tissues. Part 2. Kinetic vitrification of human pluripotent stem cells and spermatozoaKatkov, I. I.; Bolyukh, V. F.; Sukhikh, G. T.
2005Krytyka mediow w Rosji. Stan aktualny, rola spoleczna, perspektywyKoroczenski, A.
2005Krytyka mediow w Rosji. Stan aktualny, rola spoteczna, perspektywyKoroczenskij, A.
2018L'enseignement du vocabulaireKoteneva, I. A.; Krivchikova, N. L.