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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Fabrication and properties of zirconium ceramic from zirconium dioxide nanopowderLyubushkin, R. A.; Sirota, V. V.; Ivanov, O. N.
2016Facets of culture concept: principles of intercultural teachingKuzmina, D. Yu.
2012Facteurs de devellopement de la francophonie en Afrique SubsaharienneLangner, A.; Bocharova, E.
2018Factor assessment of the aesthetic and consumer parameters of the regionLopina, E. М.; Kornilov, A. G.; Bondareva, Y. Y.; Kalugin, V. A.
2015Factors relevant to the use of locative nouns in EnglishProkhorova, O. N.; Pupynina, E. V.; Chekulai, I. V.; Pugach, V. S.
2013Fairy tale and the presentBondarchuk, A. I.
2011False friends in converting a text from one script into anotherRuzhenkova, V.; Platoshina, V. V.
2003Fast ion passing through straight and bent nanotubesGreenenko, A. A.; Shulga, N. F.
2010Fatigue properties of an 1421 aluminum alloy processed by ECAEMogucheva, A. A.; Kaibyshev, R. O.
2008Fatigue-crack-growth behavior of ultrafine-grained Al-Mg-Sc alloy produced by ECAPAvtokratova, E.; Sitdikov, O.; Kaibyshev, R.; Watanabe, Y.
2016₅₇Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy investigation of La₀.₇Ca₀.₃Mn₀.₅Fe₀.₅O₃Zakhvalinskii, V. S.; Piliuk, E. A.; Taran, S. V.; Sklyarova, A.; Matveev, V. V.
2007Feasibility of friction stir welding for joining and microstructure refinement in a ZK60 magnesium alloyMironov, S.; Motohashi, Y.; Ito, T.; Goloborodko, A.; Kaibyshev, R.
2011Feature of kinematic diffraction of nonmonochromatic divergent X-ray beams in a crystal with a periodically strained latticeZhukova, P. N.; Mkrtchyan, A. G.; Mkrtchyan, A. R.; Nasonov, N. N.
2007Features of bremsstrahlung from relativistic electrons in solid targetsNasonov, N. N.; Zhukova, P. N.
2015Features of linguistic culturemes in medical discourse of Edwardian era (in terms of BBC TV spin-off iniseries "Casualty 1900s")Kutsenko, A. A.
2018Features of soil renaturation: an application for ecological rehabilitation of disturbed landsLisetskii, F.
2011Features of the crystal structure of disperse carbides in alpha titaniumIvanov M.B.; Manokhin S.S.; Nechaenko D.A.; Kolobov Yu.R.
2015Features of the labor market development in modem conditionsTretyakova, L. A.; Tselyutina, T. V.; Zakharov, V.; Govorukha, N. S.
2016Features of the Russian economy in the post-crisis periodChabanuk, O. V.
2016Features of the Russian economy in the post-crisis periodChabanuk, O. V.