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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Dance as a symbol and manifestation of fear in William Golding’s novel "The Lord of flies"Timoshilova, T.; Valchuk, T.
2008Darcy s law for a compressible thermofluidMeirmanov, A. M.
2011Das Problem des Irrationalen in der deutschen SpracheTsibulya, N. S.
2006Decalogue of good practices in institutional web positioningCybermetrics Lab, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas
2013Decision support system for the expert assessment of social risksLomakin, V. V.; Shapovalova, I. S.; Lifirenko, M. V.; Asadullaev, R. G.; Reznichenko, O. S.
2011Defining the distribution function of mosaic crystal grains on orientation angles using synchrotron radiationZhukova, P. N.; Kubankin, A. S.; Ladnyh, M. S.; Nasonov, N. N.
2003Deformation behavior and controlling mechanisms for plastic flow of magnesium and magnesium alloyGaliyev, A.; Sitdikov, O.; Kaibyshev, R.
2000Deformation behavior of 7475 aluminium alloy at high temperaturesKaibyshev R.; Sitdikov O.; Goloborodko A.; Sakai T.
2002Deformation behavior of a 2219 Al alloyKaibyshev, R.; Sitdikov, O.; Mazurina, I.; Lesuer, D. R.
2005Deformation behavior of a modified 5083 aluminum alloyKaibyshev, R.; Musin, F.; Avtokratova, E.; Motohashi, Y.
2000Deformation behavior of Fe-3%Si steel at high temperaturesKaibyshev, R.; Kazakulov, I.
2009Deformation mechanisms in Cr20Ni80 alloy at elevated temperaturesDudova, N. R.; Kaibyshev, R. O.; Valitov, V. A.
2009Deformation mechanisms in Kh20N80 alloy at elevated temperaturesDudova, N. R.; Kaibyshev, R. O.; Valitov, V. A.
2003Deformation of relativistic electron radiation spectra under conditions of multiple production of photonsBeknazarov, M.; Grishin, V.; Blazhevich, S. V.
2001Density of quasilocalized states along the resonance curves in continuum=Особенности плотности квазилокальных состояний вдоль резонансных кривых в сплошном спектреKosevich, A. M.; Matsokin, D. V.; Savotchenko, S. E.
2009Derivation of equations of seismic and acoustic wave propagation and equations of filtration via homogenization of periodic structuresMeirmanov, A. M.
2010Derivation of the equations of nonisothermal acoustics in elastic porous mediaMeirmanov, A. M.
2017Dermatoprotective activity of a combination of enoxifol with rexod in a reduced form the blood circulation in the skin in diabetes mellitus and hypercholesterinemiaSeletskaya, V. V.; Galenko-Yaroshevskii, P. A.
2016Description of input signals class of control systemDylevskiy, A. V.
2012Determinants of foreign direct investment flows and distribution in Russian regionsLozko, E. P.; Grineva, N. A.