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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012"Calamitas Virtutis Occasio", или к истории последних лет царствования Фарнака IIЧореф, М. М.
2011Calculation of class-b mosaic crystals reflactivity by Monte Carlo techniqyeBaklanov, D. A.; Duong, T. G.; Laktionova, S. A.; Zhandarmov, Yu. V.; Shatokhin, R. A.; Vnukov, I. E.
2011Calculation of the X-ray reflectivity of b-class mosaic crystals via the Monte Carlo methodBaklanov, D. A.; Vnukov, I. E.; Zhandarmov, Yu. V.; Duong, G. T.; Laktionova, S. A.
2017"Cambia Sobre el Mar Tu Fulgor": Latin American Calligrams and Semiotic TranscodingQuero, A.
2016Can activation of TLR3 induce apoptosis in patients with miscarriages?Lebedeva, O.; Zhukova, I.; Bashmakov, V.; Popov, V.
2016Can TLR3 influence to p53 and p63 apoptosis pathways in early miscarriages?Lebedeva, O.; Zhukova, I.; Bashmakov, V.; Yakovleva, O.; Starceva, N.
2007Carbon - containing covering for anchoring breaking nematic microdevicesKucheev, S. I.; Litvin, P. M.; Tkach, V. N.; Chigrinov, V. G.
2016Cardiovascular effects of an arginase II selective inhibitorYakushev, V. I.; Pokrovskii, M. V.
2006Carnosine conformersKlyuev, S. A.
2008Catalytic degradation of polyethylene in the presence of synthetic aluminosilicatesFurda, L. V.; Ryl'tsova, I. G.; Lebedeva, O. E.
2016Causative alternation in Persian complex predicates: a frame-based analysisAli Safari
2018CD4+ и CD8+ Т-лимфоциты в эндометрии и их роль в невынашивании беременности ранних сроковЖукова, И. О.; Лебедева, О. П.; Ивашова, О. Н.; Пахомов, С. П.; Чурносов, М. И.
2010Ceramic materials based on silicon-containing mineral raw materialSirota, V. V.; Ivanov, O. N.; Chigarev, A. G.; Bocharov, E. A.
2004Change of internal stress of carbon superhard condensates at a process of annealingInkin V. N.; Kolpakov A. Y.; Oukhanov S. I.; Barbakov V. I.; Galkina M. E.
2003Change of triglyceride composition of Cucurbitaceae and Taraxacum officinale seed oil during ripeningDeineka, V. I.; Maslov, A. N.; Borzenko, O. N.
2007Changeability dynamics of basic anthropometric indexes of newborn children from regions with different ecological situations = Динамика изменчивости основных антропометрических индексов новорожденных детей в регионах с различными экологическими ситуациямиKrikun, E. N.; Boldyr, V. V.; Kapustin, R. F.; Zinchenko, I. A.
2009Changeability of main morph-functional indexes of newborns in dependence of character of delivery process and their mothers` working places = Изменчивость основных морфофункциональных показателей новорожденных в зависимости от характера протекания родов и места работы их матерейBoldyr, V. V.; Kapustin, R. F.
2010Changes in misorientations of grain boundaries in titanium during deformationSalishchev, G.; Mironov, S.; Zherebtsov, S.; Belyakov, A.
2017Changes in society and education: educational policies and christian valuesTrifunovic, V. S.
2005Changes of biomechanical indexes in bones of rats under the influence of morphine hydrochloridePetrichko, S. A.; Krikun, E. N.