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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Basic concepts in the theoretical and practical field of strategic cost managementNevmatulina, K. A.
2016Basic education of teachers training in Brazil: challenges and possibilities of teaching students with disabilitiesAndré Luiz Araújo Cunha; Priscila Branquinho Xavier
2015Basin and eco-regional approach to optimize the use of water and land resourcesYermolaev, O. P.; Lisetskii, F. N.; Marinina, O. A.; Buryak, Z. A.
2014Basin Organizations of Nature Use, Belgorod region = Бассейновая организация природопользования в Белгородской областиLisetskii, F. N.; Buryak, J. A.; Zemlyakova, A. V.; Pichura, V. I.
2009Behavior of a submicrocrystalline aluminum alloy 1570 under conditions of cyclic loadingWatanabe, Y.; Avtokratova, E. V.; Sitdikov, O. Sh.; Kaibyshev, R. O.
2011Behavioural factors in genesis of suicidal behaviour of high school and university studentsRuzhenkova, V.; Ruzhenkov, V. A.
2001Bella donna ЛараВодолагин, Е.
2013Benchmarking methodologies used for comparative analysis of scientific and educational systems on the example of central and Eastern European countriesMoskovkin, V. M.; Serkina, O. V.; Balabanova, T. V.; Brook, V. V.
2015Bibliometric Analysis of Urban Runoff Study with help of Google ScholarMoskovkin, V. M.; Prizhihalinskiy, A. V.; Rychak, N. L.; Lesovik, R. V.
2014Bile a-Amylase and Lipase - Possible Predictors of Acute Pancreatitis in Case of Bile Duct Stone Impacted at the Major Duodenal PapillaKulikovskiy, V. F.; Iarosh, A. L.; Soloshenko, A. V.; Karpachev, A. A.; Nikolaev, S. B.
2017Bilingualism and biculturalism and teaching of modern languages: point of view of a teacher of french from RussiaSedykh, A. P.; Trescheva, N. V.; Koteneva, I. A.; Buzinova, L. M.; Ermakova, L. R.
2014Binding polynomial in molecular self-assemblyMosunov, A. A.; Rybakova, K. A.; Rogova, O. V.; Evstigneev, M. P.
2015Binomio de Newton e trangulo de Pascal. XVКазимиру Эринелту = Herinelto da Fonseca Josefa Casimiro
2016Biogeochemical features of fallow lands in the steppe zoneLisetskii, F. N.; Smekalova, T. N.; Marinina, O. A.
2015Bioinformatic Analysis of the Liability to the Hyperplastic Processes of the UterusKrivoshei, I. V.; Altuchova, O. B.; Polonikov, A. V.; Churnosov, M. I.
2015Blood indices of broiler-chickens after supplementing their diet with solutions containing B-group and L-carnitine vitaminsShaposhnikov, A. A.; Khmyrov, A. V.; Zakirova, L. R.; Sidorenko, L. L.
2015"Books and people": results of the public polls on reading problems at the St Petersburg International Book Fair 2015Krokinskaya, O. K.; Okladnikova, E. A.
2014Borderland stories: life at the russian border = Истории пограничья: жизнь на российской границеJansson, J.; Jansson, M.
2008Born-Hartree-Bethe approximation in the theory of inelastic electron-molecule scatteringKretinin, I. Yu.; Krisilov, A. V.; Zon, B. A.
2013Boundary integral equations and its numerical analysis in difraction of te mode on slits in the impedance planeGandel, Y. V.; Nesvit, K. V.