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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A choice of legal act during law-making processRumyantsev, M. B.; Turanin, V. Yu.; Akopyan, A. V.; Alontseva, D. V.; Batova, O. V.
2018A class action in various legal systemsSinenko, V. S.; Boltenkova, Y. V.; Tyurina, A. V.; Lilikova, O. S.
2014A clinical case of idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension in patient with comorbid ischemic heart disease: the key stages of diagnosisZhuravlyova, L. V.; Filonenko, M. V.; Lopina, N. I.
2015A compactness lemma of aubin type and its application to degenerate parabolic equationsMeirmanov, A. M.; Shmarev, S.
2018A comparative evaluation of macro- and microelement composition of plants of white lupine and soybeanLukin, S. V.; Selyukova, S. V.; Prazina, E. A.; Chetverikova, N. S.
2018A comparative evaluation of the efficacy of dimethylaminoethanol derivative 7-16, C7070 and picamilon in correction of experimental hypertensive neuroretinopathyPeresypkina, A. A.
2004A comparison of algorithms for the normalization and quantization of polynomial hamiltoniansUwano, Y.; Gusev, A. A.; Chekanov, N. A.; Rostovtsev, V. A.; Vinitsky, S. I.
2018A comparison of bioclimatic potential in two global regions during the late twentieth century and early twenty-first centuryLebedeva, M. G.; Lupo, A. R.; Henson, C. B.; Solovyov, A. B.; Chendev, Y. G.
2017A comprehensive contribution of genes for aryl hydrocarbon receptor signaling pathway to hypertension susceptibilityPolonikov, A. V.; Bushueva, O. Y.; Bulgakovaa, I. V.; Freidin, M. B.; Churnosov, M. I.
2019A comprehensive study revealed SNP-SNP interactions and a sex-dependent relationship between polymorphisms of the CYP2J2 gene and hypertension riskPolonikov, A. V.; Ponomarenko, I. V.; Vagaytseva, K. V.; Stepanov, V. A.; Churnosov, M. I.
2018A decentred reading of Zadie Smith’s Swing Time: voices of cross‐cultural belongingIbrahima Dieme
2008A description of seismic acoustic wave propagation in porous media via homogenizationMeirmanov, A.
2003A film model of sound propagation in gas-liquid foams : 1.The sound velocityKann, K. B.; Kislitsyn, A. A.
2003A film model of sound propagation in gas-liquid foams : 2.The sound absorptionKann, K. B.; Kislitsyn, A. A.
2019A fractional equation with left-sided fractional Bessel derivatives of Gerasimov-Caputo typeShishkina, E.; Sitnik, S.
2018A generalization of Cauchy-Bunyakovsky integral inequality via means with max and min valuesAgarwal, P.; Korenovskii, A. A.; Sitnik, S. M.
2015A halfway house - перспективная технология социальной интеграции лиц с ментальными нарушениямиБабакина, А. И.; Королева, К. Ю.
2003A knowledge-oriented technology of system-objective analysis and modelling of business-systemsBondarenko, M.; Matorin, V.; Matorin, S.; Slipchenko, N.; Solovyova, E.
2016A live border: cossack maneuvers in the context of colonization (the late sixteenth to the early seventeenth century) = Живая граница: казачьи маневры в пространстве колонизации (рубеж XVI-XVII вв.)Golovnev, A. V.
2005A MAPLE symbolic-numeric program for solving the 2D-eigenvalue problem by a self-consistent basis methodUwano, Y.; Belyaeva, I. N.; Chekanov, N. A.; Gusev, A. A.; Rostovtsev, V. A.; Ukolov, Yu. A.; Vinitsky, S. I.