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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013University networks in the context of their academic excellence and openness: A comparative study of leading Czech and German universitiesMoskovkin, V. M.; Fraser, J. K.; Moskovkina, M. V.
2013University sports and recreation activities system as a factor of ensuring the students healthIrhin, V. N.
2018US-China relations in economic and security aspectsTeng Delux; Ro Vannak
2018US-China relations in economic and security aspectsTeng Delux; Ro Vannak
2012Usage et evolution du Francais au CamerounBaghana, J.; Langner, A.
2017Use of geoinformation and neurotechnology to assess and to forecast the humus content variations in the steppe soilsLisetskii, F. N.; Pichura, V. I.; Breus, D. S.
2015Use of GIS-technologies in Kazakhstan and abroadZhuspekova, A. K.; Maymurunova, A. A.
2019Use of Hissopus officinalis L. culture for phytomelioration of carbonate outcrops of anthropogenic origin the South of European RussiaCherniavskih, V. I.; Dumacheva, E. V.; Sidelnikov, N. I.; Lisetskii, F. N.
2006Use of the superplasticity phenomenon for developing a process for fabricating parts from magnesium alloysKaibyshev, R. O.; Galiev, A. M.
2011Use of various memory ability of heavy metals by plaтts in bioindication of land ecosystemsRomankova, A. A.; Butlutskaya, I. V.
2007Using mosaic crystals for the generation of intense X-ray beamsBaldin, A. N.; Vnukov, I. E.; Shatokhin, R. A.
2018Usual and written law in the russian state of the early modern era: the problem of correlationArutyunyan, R. E.; Dovgyalo, V. K.; Penskaya, T. M.; Procenko, E. D.; Rasskazov, V. L.
2014Utilizzo come naturale antichi modelli di studio carriole pedo-geomorfologico rapportoLisetskii, F. N.
2007Vacancies and their complexes in FCC metalsNemirovich-Danchenko, L. Yu.; Lipnitskii, A. G.; Kulkova, S. E.
1995Vacancy-type disorder in (Zn₁₋xMnx)₃As₂Laiho, R.; Lashkul, A. V.; Zahvalinskii, V. S.; Lisunov, K. G.; Stamov, V. N.
2014Value of "mentality" and "mental" concepts in Russian, English and FrenchKozlova, L. Ya.
2018Variability of Microbiota under Diverse Conditions of Soil MoisteningLisetskii, F. N.; Zemlyakova, A. V.; Kirichenko, A. D.
2014Variability of quantitative morphological characters of Momordica Charantia L. Samples of different geographical originTokhtar, V. K.
2007Variable-Range Hopping Conduction in LaMnO₃₊δZakhvalinskii, V. S. ; Laiho, R. ; Khokhulin, A. V. ; Lisunov, K. G. ; Lahderanta, E.
2002Variable-range hopping conductivity and absence of a true metal–insulator transition in La₀.₇₋δCa₀.₃Mn₁₋ᵧFeᵧO₃Laiho, R. ; Lisunov, K. G. ; Zakhvalinskii,V. S. ; Lahderanta, E. ; Salminen,J.