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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010On the gravitational motion of a nonuniformly heated solid particle in a gaseous mediumMalai, N. V.; Shchukin, E. R.; Stukalov, A. A.; Ryazanov, K. S.
2004On the incoherent radiation of relativistic electrons and positrons in crystalShulga, N. F.; Syshchenko, V. V.
2006On the index of the Dirichlet problem for elliptic systems on the planeSoldatov, A. P.
2008On the influence of motion of the medium on the photophoresis of a spheroidal solid aerosol particleMalai, N. V.; Mironova, N. N.; Shchukin, E. P.
2016On the issue of hygienic safety of emulsion type sauces enriched with seleniumGolovko, N. P.; Primenko, V. G.; Golovko, T. N.
2016On the issue of hygienic safety of emulsion type sauces enriched with seleniumGolovko, N. P.; Primenko, V. G.; Golovko, T. N.
2019On the issue of public-private partnership in housing construction in the Belgorod regionParfenova, E. N.; Avilova, Ch. N.; Polyakov, V. G.
2016On the issue of the genetic structure of species found in the relic communities of central russian upland southern territoriesSnegin, E. A.; Snegina, E. A.; Sychev, A. A.; Adamova, V. V.
2015On the leaf development in Oedipodium (Oedipodiales, Bryophyta)Ignatov, M. S.; Spirina, U. N.; Maslova, E. V.; Ivanov, O. V.; Ignatova, E. A.
2012On the leaf morphogenesis of palaeozoic mosses of protosphagnalesMaslova, E. V.; Ignatov, M. S.; Mosseichik, Yu. V.
2018On the methods of investigating the trajectories of the motion of objects of labor in the phase space of statesKhodusov, V. D.; Pihnastyi, M. O.
2002On the motion of a uniformly heated drop in a viscous liquid under gravityMalai, N. V.
2009On the motion of high energy wave packets and the transition radiation by "half-bare" electron = О движении частиц высоких энергий волновых пакетов и переходного излучения "полуголого" электронаShulga, N. F.; Syshchenko, V. V.; Shulga, S. N.
2008On the nature of anomalously high plasticity of high-strength titanium nickelide alloys with shape-memory effects : I. Initial structure and mechanical propertiesPushin, V. G.; Lotkov, A. I.; Kolobov, Yu. R.; Valiev, R. Z.; Dudarev, E. F.
2012On the need for a new description and performance standard business processesZaitseva, N. O.
2014On the origin of C₆₀ fullerene solubility in aqueous solutionPrylutskyy, Yu. I.; Petrenko, V. I.; Ivankov, O. I.; Kyzyma, O. A.; Bulavin, L. A.
2018On the origin of the superior long-term creep resistance of a 10% Cr steelMishnev, R.; Dudova, N.; Kaibyshev, R.
2004On the paradigm of causative constructions=Парадигмы причинных конструкцийAmatov, A. M.
2003On the parametric X-rays along an emitting particle velocityNasonov, N.; Noskov, A.
2005On the parametric X-rays along the velocity of an emitting particleLikhachev, V.; Nasonov, N.; Tulinov, A.; Zhukova, P.