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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Morphology of number in English: a cognitive perspectiveBesedina, N. A.; Stepanenko, S. N.; Fedotova, O. V.; Sherstyokova, Ye. V.
2019Morphology of tense in english: view from cognitive linguisticsBesedina, N. A.; Stepanenko, S. N.; Fedotova, O. V.
2018Morphology of the rat’s brain in four vessels model of ischemic stroke after administration of carbamylated darbepoetinTverskoy, A. V.; Kolesnichenko, P. D.; Shcheblykina, O. V.; Gorbunova, N. S.; Morozov, V. N.
2015Morphometric study of hippocampal neurons in chronic immobilization stressDolzhikov, A. A.; Tverskoi, A. V.; Bobyntsev, I. I.; Kriukov, A. A.; Belykh, A. E.
2010Morus alba L. в Белгородской областиБогданов, С. С.; Лазарев, А. В.
2002Motion of a heated spheroidal particle at low Reynolds numbersMalai, N. V.
2001Motion through a viscous liquid of a heated spheroidal solid particle under conditions of uniform internal heat releaseMalai, N. V.; Shchukin, E. R.; Yalamov, Yu. I.
2018Motivational and estimation criterion of willingness of people to provide the civilian oversight at the local levelDavtyan, D. V.; Khripkov, K. A.
2017Motives in Brazilian school education according to the cultural historical perspective and the developmental education approach = Стимулирование образования в бразильской школе на основе культурно-исторической концепции и идей развивающего обученияFranco P. L. J.; Longarezi, A. M.; Marco de F. F.
2018Multi-aspect approach to the optimization of pharmacotherapy of patients with arterial hypertension of high and very high riskGridina, S. A.
2018Multi-critera selection of a corporate system by using paired comparison analysisLomakin, V. V.; Putivtseva, N. P.; Zaitseva, T. V.; Liferenko, M. V.; Zaitsev, I. M.
1997Multi-wave effects in PXP generated by low energy particlesDubovskaya, I. Ya.; Stepanov, S. A.; Ulyanenkoff, A. P.
2013Multiaspect approach to the study of a fragment of the picture of the worldMorel Morel, D. A.
2019Multicriterial threshold binarization of clustered matrices as exemplified by export sector’s competitiveness of the Subsaharan African economiesMoskovkin, V. M.; Casimiro Herinelto; Serkina, O. V.; Tereliansky, P. V.; Ukrainskiy, P. A.
2019Multicriterion optimization of processing of mill trunnion based on hierarchy analysis methodBondarenko, Yu. A.; Bestuzheva, O. V.
2019Multiculturalism as a property of the educational environment of the collegeMakazhanova, Zh. M.; Mavrina, I. A.; Batayeva, F. A.
2011Multiple compound-complex sentence as the syntactic and utterance unit (based on American movie scripts) : based on american movie scriptsRakova, K. L.; Voloshina, T. G.
2005Multiplicative decomposition and infilite divisibility of the Mandel distributionVirchenko, Yu. P.; Vitokhina, N. N.
2018Multiscale approach of retinal blood vessels segmentation based on vessels segmentation with different scalesChernomorets, D.; Mikhelev, V.; Chernomorets, A.
2006Multiwave lidar measurments of industrial aerosol emission calculating and mass concentrationNikitin, V. M.; Borovlyov, A. E.; Ukolov, Yu. A.