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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Strategic planning in context of sustainable tourism developmentPlokhikh, R. V.; Sakypbek, M. A.; Aktymbayeva, A. S.
2016Strategic planning in context of sustainable tourism developmentPlokhikh, R. V.; Sakypbek, M. A.; Aktymbayeva, A. S.
2015Strategies for L2 lecture comprehension: an intervention studyVelikova, S.; Tsvetkov, D.
2009Stratum of freeness for deformations of singularities = Страт свободности для деформаций особенностейAleksandrov, A. G.
2012Strength and ductility-related properties of ultrafine grained two-phase titanium alloy produced by warm multiaxial forgingZherebtsov, S.; Kudryavtsev, E.; Kostjuchenko, S.; Malysheva, S; Salishchev, G.
2015Strengthening mechanisms in a Zr-modified 5083 alloy deformed to high strainsMalopheyev, S.; Kaibyshev, R.
2009Strengthening of a Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy by means of hydrostatic extrusion and other methodsZherebtsov, S.; Salishchev, G.; Lojkowski, W.
2010Structural changes in refractory steel 10Kh9V2MFBR due to creep at 650°CDudko,V. A. ; Belyakov, A. N. ; Skorobogatykh,V. N. ; Shenkova, I. A. ; Kaibyshev, R. O.
2010Structural changes in steel 10Kh9K3V1M1FBR due to creepSkorobogatykh, V.N.; Shchenkova, I.A.; Kaibyshev, R.O.; Kipelova, A. Yu.
2012Structural changes of tempered martensitic 9%Cr-2%W-3%Co steel during creep at 650° CDudova, N.; Plotnikova, A.; Molodov, D.; Belyakov, A.; Kaibyshev, R.
2014Structural features of highly stable reproducible C₆₀ fullerene aqueous colloid solution probed by various techniquesRitter U.; Prylutskyy, Y. I.; Evstigneev, M .P.; Davidenko, N. A.; Cherepanov, V. V.
2003Structural features of the celoidal carsKrikun, E.; Mikhailik, T.; Bozchuk, T.
2011Structural strengthening of an austenitic stainless steel subjected to warm-to-hot workingYanushkevich, Z.; Mogucheva, A.; Tikhonova, M.; Belyakov, A.; Kaibyshev, R.
2013Structural-aggregate composition and water resistance structure of agrochernozems in the zone of influence of the mining enterprises : on the example of Gubkinsky district of the Belgorod regionMezentseva, M. S.; Novykh, L. L.
2009Structure and diffusion processes in laminated composites of a Cu-Ti systemBokstein, B. S.; Vnukov, V. I.; Golosov, E. V.; Karpov, M. I.; Kolobov, Yu. R.
2011Structure and phase composition of alloyed intermetallic compound Ni₃Al after annealing and high-temperature creepVershinina, T. N.; Golosova, O. A.; Kolobov, Yu. R.; Povarova, K. B.
2011Structure and properties multilayered micro- and nanocomposite coatings of Ti-N-Al/Ti-N/Al₂O₃Pogrebnjak, A. D.; Beresnev, V. M.; Kolesnikov, D. A.
2008Structure and properties of aluminum alloy 1421 after equal-channel angular pressing and isothermal rollingMogucheva, A. A.; Kaibyshev, R. O.
2010Structure and properties of hydrostatically extruded commercially pure titaniumZherebtsov, S.; Lojkowski, W.; Mazur, A.; Salishchev, G.
2013Structure and properties of low modulus titanium alloy Ti-26Nb-7Mo-12ZrGolosova, O. A.; Ivanov, M. B.; Kolobov, Y. R.; Vershinina, T. N.