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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Regional specialization and geographical concentration of industry in RussiaRastvortseva, S. N.; Chentsova, A. S.
2016Regularities and Features of Differentiation and Anthropogenic Transformation of Steppe VegetationLisetskii, F. N.; Tokhtar, V. K.; Ostapko, V. M.; Prykhodko, S. A.; Petrunova, T. V.
2008Regularities of vegetation cover self-rehabilitation in technogenically disrupted landscapes and technologies of their ecological restorationKoehler, H.; Warrelmann, J.; Lisetsky, F. N.; Degtyar, О. V.
2007Regulation of soil erosion intensity in conditions of contour agricultureLisetskii, F. N.; Smirnova, L. G.; Chepelev, O. A.; Shaydurova, A.G.
2009Relationship between osteoinductive characteristics of biocomposite material and physicochemical characteristics of coatingFedorova, M. Z.; Nadezhdin, S. V.; Kolobov, Yu. R.; Ivanov, M. B.; Pavlov, N. A.; Zubareva, E. V.
2005Relative contribution of real and virtual photon diffraction to the parametric X-ray yieldKrasilnikov, V.; Nasonov, N.; Zhukova, P.
2010Relativistic electron PXR and FPXR yield ratioBlazhevich, S. V.; Noskov, A. V.
2000Relativistic-electron scattering on an atomic string of a crystal at ultrasmall angles of particle incidence on a stringShulga, N. F.; Truten, V. I.
2011Relaxor properties of ceramic solid solutions in SrTi0₃-BiSc0₃ system= Релаксорные свойства керамических твердых растворов системы SrTiO₃-BiScO₃Danshina, E. P.; Ivanov, O. N.; Yurchenko, T. I.
2014Religion and mental healthKuburic, Z.; Zotova, A.
2013Renewable energy tendencies in developed and developing coutriesAvidzba, L. L.; Grineva, N. A.
2011Representation of natural numbers by sums of four squares of integers having a special formGritsenko, S. A.; Mot’kina, N. N.
2015Representation of the space in the early XX century poetic discourseSamosenkova, T. V.; Bil, O. N.; Nazarenko, E. B.; Dedikova, I. R.
2011Representation problems of intercultural communications by magazine "Rassian reporter"Beloedova, A. V.; Kazak, M. Yu.
2011Reproductive toxicity of carbon nanostructured material - a promising carrier of drugs in laboratory miceGusev, A. A.; Snegin, E. A.; Polyakova, I. A.
2011Research method on print and online journalism textsVolkov, A. S.
2011Research of organizational culture of LLC "Dmitrotaranovsky Sugar Plant"Bulchuk, V. A.
2013Research of regional growth and development theoriesRomanova, M. V.; Rastvortseva, S. N.
2016Research of sensitivity of some measures of quality assessment of hidden information in the audio contentLykholob, P. G.; Medvedeva, A. A.; Likhogodina, E. C.; Mishina, O. O.
2017Research of wound healing effect of phytomineralsorbent on the basis of montmorilloniteKrut, U. A.; Shaposhnikov, A. A.; Korokin, M. V.