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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Software choice for support method of "360 degrees"Putivzeva, N. P.; Igrunova, S. V.; Zaytseva, T. V; Pusnaya, O. P.; Mamatov, R. A.
2012Soil and landscape changes in ancient agricultural areas (exemplified by antique Olbia)Lisetskii, F. N.
1999Soil catenas in archeological landscapesLisetskii, F. N.
2008Soil development in anthropogenically disturbed forest-steppe landscapesGoleusov, P. V.; Lisetskii, F. N.
2016Soil development on basic and ultrabasic rocks in cold environments of Russia traced by mineralogical composition and pore space characteristicsDultz, S.; Plötze, M.; Andreeva, N.; Polekhovsky, Y.; Lessovaia, S. N.
2010Soil development on the Crimean peninsula in the late holoceneLisetskii, F. N.; Ergina, E. I.
1999Soil formation in the Mediterranean type of climate, South Cost of the CrimeaLisetskii, F. N.
2008Soil formation in the mediterranean type of climate, south cost of the CrimeaLisetskii, F. N.; Ergina, E. I.
1998Soil loss tolerance of brown forest soils of Northwestern caucasus under intensive agricultureShtomrel, Yu. A.; Lisetskii, F. N.; Sukhanovskii, Yu. P; Srtelnikova, A. V.
1992Soil microaggregation as an index of erosion resistanceBulygin, S. Y.; Lisetskiy, F. N.
2012Soil reproduction in steppe ecosystems of different agesLisetskii, F. N.
2014Soil water retention curve of agrogray soils: influence of anisotropy and the scaling factorUmarova, A. B.; Shein, E. V.; Kukharuk, N. S.
2012Soils as indicators of climatic changesChendev, Yu. G.; Petin, A. N.; Lupo, A. R.
2011Solidification behaviour and the effects of homogenisation on the structure of an Al-Cu-Mg-Ag-Sc alloyGazizov, M.; Teleshov, V.; Zakharov, V.; Kaibyshev, R.
2015Solvability of a free-boundary problem describing the traffic flowsShmarev, S.; Senkebaeva, A.; Meirmanov, A. M.
2012Some aspects of categorization of nonalcoholic drinks in French, English and RussianMorel Morel, D. A.
2012Some aspects of categorization of nonalcoholic drinks in French, English and Russian=Некоторые аспекты классификации безалкогольных напитков во французском, английском и русском языкахMorel Morel, D. A.
2011Some aspects of communicative approach in foreign language teachingКарабутова, Е. А.
2014Some aspects of joint-stock companies functioning in Russia todayPogorelyy, M. U.
2011Some facts about regularities of language developmentMishanova, J. W.