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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Analysis of functional condition of cardiorespiratory system of qualified and entrant weight liftersPosokhov, A. V.; Klimova, V. K.; Voronkov, A. V.; Mihailyukov, D. V.
2019Assessment of the impact of the educational process on motor activity and health level of cadets of educational institutions of the ministry of internal affairs of RussiaTretiakov, A. A.; Drogomeretskii, V. V.; Voronkov, A. V.; Rylskii, S. V.; Rutskoi, I. A.
2018Endothelotropic activity of 4-hydroxy-3,5-di-tret-butylcinnamic acid in the conditions of experimental cerebral ischemiaVoronkov, A. V.; Pozdnyakov, D. I.
2018GTO complex implementation technology for educational systemVoronkov, A. V.; Nikulin, I. N.; Babintsev, V. P.; Shapoval, J. A.; Goncharuk, Ya. A.
2018Investigation of the activity of new derivatives of 1,3-diazinone-4 and their acyclic precursors with respect to bacteria of the genus ProteusLuzhnova, S. A.; Voronkov, A. V.; Gabitova, N. M.; Souda Billel
2021Motivating university students for sport competitionsPolukhin, O. N.; Irkhin, V. N.; Nikulin, I. N.; Voronkov, A. V.; Zagoruiko, Y. A.
2020Neuroprotective effect of L-carnitine. Focus on changing mitochondrial functionVoronkov, A. V.; Pozdnyakov, D. I.
2022Physical education department students: year-to-year physical progress tests and analysisIrkhina, I. V.; Voronkov, A. V.; Ospishchev, V. P.; Grebtsova, A. A.
2022Study of dose-dependent actoprotective effect of ATACL on physical performancend psychoemotional status of animals under exhausting exerciseGerashchenko, A. D.; Pozdnyakov, D. I .; Voronkov, A. V.
2017The effect of new forms for external application on the vasodilating function of the endothelium and the concentration of endothelial nitric oxide synthases in rats with an experimental model of a pathological scar at early healing timesVoronkov, A. V.; Gamzeleva, O. Yu.