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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Advanced approaches to the visualization of data characterizing distribution features of alien plant speciesTokhtar, V. K.
2019Analysis of rare type of plants from botanical graden collection at SRU “Belsu” (Belgorod, Russia)Martynova, N. A.; Tokhtar, V. K.; Koniaeva, I. A.; Tokhtar, L. A.
2019Analysis of the peculiarities of the expansion of invasive plant species in the south-west of the middle Russian Highland (Russia, the Belgorod region)Kurskoy, A. Yu.; Tokhtar, V. K.
2022Assessment of invasive and weed species by hyperspectral imagery in agrocenoses ecosystemDmitriev, P. A.; Kozlovsky, B. L.; Kupriushkin, D. P.; Dmitrieva, A. A.; Tokhtar, V. K.
2017Biological resources of the Hyssopus l on the south of European Russia and prospects of its introductionDumacheva, E. V.; Cherniavskih, V. I.; Markova, E. I.; Filatov, S. V.; Tokhtar, V. K.
2020Can invasive plant species "differentiate" colonized ecotopes?Tokhtar, V. K.; Vinogradova, Yu. K.; Zelenkova, V. N.; Kurskoy, A. Yu.
2019Collection of cover-ground plants and plants for Alpinarians and Rocarians in botanical garden of Belgorod University (Belgorod, Russia)Tokhtar, V. K.; Martynova, N. A.; Patsukova, N. G.; Tokhtar, L. A.
2019Comparative analysis of types of plants-transformers in various regions of Central RussiaTokhtar, V. K.; Kurskoy, A. Yu.; Velikikh, D. V.; Tokhtar, L. A.; Petrunova, T. V.
2008Divergence of morphological floral traits among european Oenothera L. populationsTokhtar, V. K.; Rudiger Wittig
2014Eco-morphologic Aspects of Differentiation and Identification of Species Armillaria mellea Sensu Lato in Coppice Oakeries of Belgorod Region for the Purposes of Exploitation of Natural ResourcesTokhtar, V. K.; Dunayev, A. V.; Kalugina, S. V.; Dunayeva, E. N.; Kukharuk, N. S.
2014Ecological and biological features of tropical species of the genus Momordica (Cucurbitaceae) introduced under the conditions of Belgorod region (Russia)Tokhtar, V. K.; Doan, H. G.
2010Ergasiophytes in the urban flora of Belgorod (Russia)Fomina, O. V.; Tokhtar, V. K.
2009Evollution of invasiveness in OenotheraTokhtar, V. K.; Wittig, R.
2019Floral complexes with the involvement of Adonis Vernalis L. (fam. Ranunculaceae juss.) and environmental assessment of the conditions of their formation in the Southwest of Central-Russian UplandTokhtar, V. K.; Kirilova, I. A.; Tokhtar, L. A.; Kaliuzhnaya, E. V.
2014Geo-Ecological Problems of Kursk Magnetic Anomaly in the Russian Federation, Ways And Means for Their RemedyPetin, A. N.; Tokhtar, V. K.; Petina, V. I.
2017Hierarchical structure of pathogenic polypore fungi community on pedunculate oak in the oak forests of the southwest of the Central russian uplandDunaev, A. V.; Tokhtar, V. K.; Dunaeva, E. N.; Dumacheva, Y. V.
2022Hyperspectral imaging for small‑scale analysis of Hordeum vulgare L. leaves under the benzo[a]pyrene effectDmitriev, P.; Kozlovsky, B.; Minkina, T.; Rajput, V. D.; Tokhtar, V. K.
2022Identification of species of the genus Acer L. using vegetation indices calculated from the hyperspectral images of leavesDmitriev, P. A.; Kozlovsky, B. L.; Kupriushkin, D. P.; Lysenko, V. S.; Tokhtar, V. K.
2019Introduction of Maclura Pomifera (RAF.) C.K. Schneid, Moraceae Link families under the conditions of the botanical graden of the NRU “Belsu” (Belgorod, Russia)Martynova, N. A.; Tokhtar, V. K.; Tokhtar, L. A.; Kaliuzhnaya, E. V.
2021Main directions of the study of plant invasions in RussiaTokhtar, V. K.; Vinogradova, Y. K.; Notov, A. A.; Kursko, А. Y.; Danilova, E. S.