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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Diagnostics quality preparation student to social-ecological formation schoolboy: aspect of the observation and testingShilova, V. S.
2011Information technology in process of preparing the future teacher to social-ecological formation schoolboyShilova, V. S.
2015Methods of social and environmental education of studentsShilova, V. S.
2008Methods of social-ecological diagnostics: essence and realization features : educational aspectShilova, V. S.
2008Organization principles of students social and environmental education processShilova, V. S.
2009Principles of management in students social-environmental education systemShilova, V. S.
2009Psychological and educational conditions for developing socio-ecological readiness at studentsShilova, V. S.
2010Social-ecological formation student : some results of the studyShilova, V. S.
2011Social-ecological ideas in pedagogical thought of antique folk : short analysisShilova, V. S.
2009Social-environmental education of students: demand-motivating aspectShilova, V. S.
2008Socio-ecological education of students in the context of Bologna agreements: target aspectShilova, V. S.
2009Socio-ecological values in content of professional educationShilova, V. S.
2011The differentiation phenomenon study methodology in the context of the students ecological-socially education challengeShilova, V. S.
2011The new information technologies in the future teacher preparation for the schoolchildren socio-ecological education : from the work experienceShilova, V. S.
2011The prognostic normative realization of the schoolchildren socio-ecological education contentsShilova, V. S.
2010Theoretical premises of the defining integer and problems social-ecological formation studentShilova, V. S.