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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Aggregate ranking of the world's leading universitiesMoskovkin, V. M.; Golikov, N. A.; Peresypkin, A. P.; Serkina, O. V.
2013Benchmarking methodologies used for comparative analysis of scientific and educational systems on the example of central and Eastern European countriesMoskovkin, V. M.; Serkina, O. V.; Balabanova, T. V.; Brook, V. V.
2014Construction IF-scoring rule within the framework of new generation of metric citationsMoskovkin, V. M.; Golikov, N. A.; Isaev, I. F.; Serkina, O. V.
2014Identification of launching measures to stimulate publication activity at a country level through the SCIMAGO platform = Идентификация запуска мер по стимулированию публикационной активности на страновом уровне с помощью платформы SCIMAGOMoskovkin, V. M.; Peresypkin, A. P.; Verzunova, L. V.; Serkina, O. V.
2021International movement of open access to scientific knowledge: a quantitative analysis of country involvementMoskovkin, V. M.; Saprykina, T. V.; Sadovski, M. V.; Serkina, O. V.
2016Is sustainable development of scientific systems possible in the neo-liberal agenda?Moskovkin, V. M.; Serkina, O. V.
2019Multicriterial threshold binarization of clustered matrices as exemplified by export sector’s competitiveness of the Subsaharan African economiesMoskovkin, V. M.; Casimiro Herinelto; Serkina, O. V.; Tereliansky, P. V.; Ukrainskiy, P. A.
2016New challenges of corporate managementSerkina, O. V.
2019Performance examination of "Scopus" publication activity with selected Webometrics indicators for leading Russian universitiesMoskovkin, V. M.; Sivakov, S. I.; Serkina, O. V.; Buinyakova, I. S.
2020The focus of the Russian corporate business for sustainable developmentRastopchina, Yu. L.; Serkina, O. V.; Dorokhova, E. I.
2018Trends in studying urban runoff: a retrospective analysisMoskovkin, V. M.; Serkina, O. V.; Lesovik, R. V.; Mitrokhin, A. A.; Dobrydina, I. M.
2013Universal innovation scoreboards on the example of Arab countries of the mediterranean partnership with the European Union: simulation calculationsMoskovkin, V. M.; Serkina, O. V.; Bader, E. A.; Kupriyanov, S. V.; Lesovik, R. V.
2016What is the cost of bibliometric games to taxpayers?Moskovkin, V. M.; Serkina, O. V.