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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Acquisition of English argument patterns by Russian EFL studentsAmatov, A. M.; Sedykh, A. P.; Sidorova, T. A.; Kotsova, E. E.; Akimova, E. N.
2017Bilingualism and biculturalism and teaching of modern languages: point of view of a teacher of french from RussiaSedykh, A. P.; Trescheva, N. V.; Koteneva, I. A.; Buzinova, L. M.; Ermakova, L. R.
2018Cognitive-perceptive features and communicative orientation of nominative meaning of the verbs of olfactory semantics in FrenchSedykh, A. P.; Koteneva, I. A.; Trescheva, N. V.; Krivchikova, N. L.; Osintseva, T. V.
2022Color terms and phraseological units of sports jargon: russian and french languagesSedykh, A. P.; Emanuele, V.; Akimova, E. N.; Skvortsov, K. V.; Shcherbakov, A. V.
2015Communicative and cognitive features of art discourse and science of languageSedykh, A. P.; Kugan, E. I.
2019Communicative discourse of terminology used in gastronomical media cultureSedykh, A. P.; Lukin, S. V.; Georgieva, E. S.; Puiu, L. V.; Nikonov, S. B.
2020Emotive-expressive potential of phraseology of linguistic identity: Vladimir PutinSedykh, A. P.; Buzinova, L. M.; Pashkovskaia, N. D.; Chechetka, V. I.; Sidorova, T. A.
2020Features of French, American and Russian intercultural interactionSedykh, A. P.; Ivanishcheva, O. N.; Sidorova, T. A.; Simirnova, L. V.; Bolgova, N. S.
2021French linguoculture and methods of language and discourse representation of emotion "joie" (joy)Sedykh, A. P.; Buzinova, L. M.; Bykanova, M. S.; Legochkina, E. N.; Ukhnaleva, E. A.
2014Gluttonic nomination in russian and British linguistic culturesSedykh, A. P.; Ermakova, L. R.
2020Ideological narrative in modern American political discourseAmatov, A. M.; Sedykh, A. P.; Ivanichcheva, O. N.; Sidorova, T. A.; Zamarina, E. V.
2016Idioms in the framework of linguistic typology, culture and mentalitySedykh, A. P.; Amatov, A. M.; Besedina, N. A.; Ogneva, E. A.; Nagorny, I. A.
2021Interrogative in the humanities and linguistics: the epistemology of researchSedykh, A. P.; Sidorova, T. A.; Akimova, E. N.; Bezkorovaynaya, G. T.; Skvortsov, K. V.
2021Linguistic "purity", morphological borrowings and issues of cross-cultural communicationAmatov, A. M.; Sedykh, A. P.; Yanutik, S. Y.; Filimonova, N. G.; Buzinova, L. M.
2021Linguistic identity, national archetypes and sociocultural environment of their formationSedykh, A. P.
2015Linguistic world view and national gastronomySedykh, A. P.; Ermakova, L. R.; Krivchikova, N. L.; Naydenova, M. V.
2020Metaphor of war in political discourseAmatov, A. M.; Sedykh, A. P.; Ivanishcheva, O. N.; Bolgova, E. V.; Bolgova, N. S.
2018Modern philological knowledge: anthropocentrism and linguistic identitySedykh, A. P.; Ivanishcheva, O. N.; Koreneva, A. V.; Ryzhkova, I. V.
2014Musical phraseology and linguistic identitySedykh, A. P.
2021On correlation of musical and natural languages: rock music and EnglishSedykh, A. P.; Amatov, A. M.; Sidorova, T. A.; Akimova, E. N.; Skvortsov, K. V.