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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Anthropogenic transformation of hydrological regime of the Dnieper riverPichura, V. I.; Malchykova, D. S.; Ukrainskij, P. A.; Shakhman, I. A.; Bystriantseva, A. N.
2016Assessment and forecast of soil formation under irrigation in the steppe zone of UkraineLisetskii, F. N.; Pichura, V. I.
2014Basin Organizations of Nature Use, Belgorod region = Бассейновая организация природопользования в Белгородской областиLisetskii, F. N.; Buryak, J. A.; Zemlyakova, A. V.; Pichura, V. I.
2020Catena linking of landscape-geochemical processes and reconstruction of pedosedimentogenesis: A case study of defensive constructions of the mid-17th century, South RussiaLisetskii, F. N.; Pichura, V. I.
2015Comparative assessment of methods for forecasting river runoff with different conditions of organizationLisetskii, F. N.; Pichura, V. I.; Pavlyuk, Y. V.; Marinina, O. A.
2016Geodatabase of buried soils for reconstruction of palaeoecologic conditions in the steppe zone of East European plainLisetskii, F. N.; Matsibora, A. V.; Pichura, V. I.
2015I cambiamenti ambientali nella steppa Crimea per tutto il periodo romano di storia antica e di làLisetskiy, F. N.; Pichura, V. I.; Marinina, O. A.; Semenyuk, A. P.
2016Paleoecological Conditions Antiquity in the Northern Black Sea Region  (According to the Sedimentation in Lake Saki, Crimea)Lisetskii, F. N.; Pichura, V. I.
2016Reconstruction of paleoclimatic conditions of the second half of the holocene  on the results of the study of buried and floodplain soils in the south of the East European plainLisetskii, F. N.; Matsibora, A. V.; Pichura, V. I.
2018Successive Steps to Organize Rational Use of Soils for Formation of Ecologically Stable Agro LandscapesMartsinevskaya, L. V.; Pichura, V. I.; Tsybenko, V. V.
2017The development and current state of the agricultural sector of the national economy due to the more active access to the global food marketLisetskii, F. N.; Pichura, V. I.; Kyrylov, Yu. Ye.; Hranovska, V. G.; Domaratsky, E. A.