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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008About regional indicators of steady development (On an example of the Belgorod area) = О региональных индикаторах устойчивого развития (на примере Белгородской области)Kornilov, A. G.; Petin, A. N.
2017Agrogeosystems of Krasnoyarsk krai: natural resource potential, environmental stability, optimization of functioningShpedt, A. A.; Petin, A. N.; Trubnikov, Yu. N.; Smirnova, L. G.; Polyakova, T. A.
2014Assessment of an environment of euroregion "Slobozhanshchina" for recreation and tourism developmentIgnatenko, E. A.; Petin, A. N.
2016Assessment of the Size of Rocks in Benchs and Lumpiness of the Blasted Mountain Mass on Pits with Use of Gis GeomixPoluhin, O. N.; Petin, A. N.; Ignatenko, I. M.; Dunaev, V. A.; Konovalov, A. V.
2016Climatic factors affecting the reclamation of disturbed lands in the area of the KMA developmentPetina, M. A.; Petin, A. N.; Lebedeva, M. G.; Tolstopyatova, O. S.
2008Degradation of geosystems in the Belgorod region as a result of the economic activitiesChendev, Y. G.; Petin, A. N.; Serikova, E. V.; Kramchaninov, N. N.
2013Environtal problems of mineral resources development in the regions of Kursk Magnetic Anomaly (KMA)Petin, A. N.; Ukolova, E. V.
2017Evolution of forest pedogenesis in the south of the forest-steppe of the Central Russian Upland in the Late HoloceneChendev, Yu. G.; Aleksandrovskii, A. L.; Khokhlova, O. S.; Dergacheva, M. I.; Petin, A. N.
2014Evolution of Soil Carbon Storage and Morphometric Properties of Afforested Soils in the U.S. Great PlainsChendev, Yu. G.; Novykh, L. L.; Sauer, T. J.; Petin, A. N.; Zazdravnykh, I. N.
2014Geo-Ecological Problems of Kursk Magnetic Anomaly in the Russian Federation, Ways And Means for Their RemedyPetin, A. N.; Tokhtar, V. K.; Petina, V. I.
2013Geoecological monitoring of underground waters in the zone of influence of the objects of the mining area of Kursk Magnetic Anomaly (KMA) : on the example of JSC "Stoilensky GOK"Ukolov, I. M.; Petin, A. N.; Kramchaninov, N. N.; Pogoreltsev, I. A.
2016Identification of Ecologo-geochemical Anomalies in Bed Silt of Regions with Severe Climatic Conditions (on Example of Aykhalsky Mining Complex)Petin, A. N.; Polukhin, О. N.; Kireeva-Genenko, I. A.; Khovanskaya, M. A.; Kosinova, I. I.
2013Influence of long- and short-term climatic changes on chernozem soils : Central Chernozem region of RussiaLupo Anthony, R.; Chendev, Yu. G.; Petin, A. N.; Lebedeva, V. G.
2016Monitoring of exogenous geological processes in Stary Oskol - Gubkin mining region of Kursk magnetic anomalyPolygalova, A. Y.; Bugaeva, E. A.; Petin, A. N.
2015Perspective Approaches to the Directional Selection of Plant Species for Revegetation of Ore Mining Dumps of Kursk Magnetic AnomalyPolukhin, O. N.; Tokhtar, V. K.; Petin, A. N.; Martynova, N. A.; Petina, M. A.
2014Regional manifestations of changes in atmospheric circulation in the Central Black Earth region : by the example of Belgorod regionPetin, A. N.; Lebedeva, M. G.; Krymskaya, O. V.; Chendev, Yu. G.; Kornilov, A. G.
2012Soils as indicators of climatic changesChendev, Yu. G.; Petin, A. N.; Lupo, A. R.
2014Technique of the complex geoecological evaluation of the state of natural environment under the influence of open mining of the common minerals (CM)Furmanova, T. N.; Petin, A. N.; Petina, M. A.
2016Technogenic transformation of the environment of the Belgorod region in the field of production of common mineral resources (cm)Furmanova, T. N.; Petina, M. A.; Petin, A. N.
2016The current state of the geological environment of the Belgorod region in the conditions of intensive mineral developmentBugaeva, E. A.; Polygalova, A. Y.; Petin, A. N.