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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Academic physical education benefits for faculty/ research/ management personnel’s progress agendas: survey and analysisBabintsev, V. P.; Goncharuk, Ya. A.; Goncharuk, S. V.; Peresypkin, A. P.
2015Aggregate ranking of the world's leading universitiesMoskovkin, V. M.; Golikov, N. A.; Peresypkin, A. P.; Serkina, O. V.
2014Category of negation and its representation in language by the verbs of negativ semanticsKamyshanchenko, E. A.; Grigorenko, N. V.; Tsurikova, L. V.; Peresypkin, A. P.; Merezhko, A. A.
2015Comparative Analysis of the Publication Activity Level of the Leading Russian Universities Conducted in Reliance on Web of Science and Scopus databasesMoskovkin, V. M.; Zdorovtsev, A. D.; Sizyoongo Munenge; Peresypkin, A. P.
2015Conceptual features of mental structure of assessmentProkhorova, O. N.; Chekulai, I. V.; Baghana, J.; Kuprieva, I. A.; Peresypkin, A. P.
2014Identification of launching measures to stimulate publication activity at a country level through the SCIMAGO platform = Идентификация запуска мер по стимулированию публикационной активности на страновом уровне с помощью платформы SCIMAGOMoskovkin, V. M.; Peresypkin, A. P.; Verzunova, L. V.; Serkina, O. V.
2014Integration experience of Belgorod State National Research University into innovation system of Belgorod Oblast and its leading regional industrial mining and metallurgical clusterPolukhin, O. N.; Peresypkin, A. P.; Mishunin, V. V.
2016Modernization of Russian Education: Development Technology of Scientific and Methodical Readiness among TeachersMakotrova, G. V.; Kormakova, V. N.; Musaelian, E. N.; Peresypkin, A. P.; Sitnikova, M. I.
2018Monitoring of downloads of Belgorod State University (Russia) scientists' publications by scientists from other countriesMoskovkin, V. M.; Sadovski, M. V.; Peresypkin, A. P.; Genkin, Y. Y.
2019Preservation of student health at university class exercise: implementation technologyIrkhin, V. N.; Irkhina, I. V.; Mikhneva, A. G.; Nikulina, T. V.; Peresypkin, A. P.
2013Professional personnel training: institute of higher education-enterprise interaction and development of students professional capacitiesPeresypkin, A. P.; Verzunova, L. V.
2022Project management in academic physical education system: benefits analysisBabintsev, V. P.; Goncharuk, S. V.; Peresypkin, A. P.; Goncharuk, Ya. A.
2021Scheduling for a container supply chain to minimize costs using the meta-innovation approachIsmail Husein; Arif Suhada; Paitoon Chetthamrongchai; Peresypkin, A. P.; Anis Siti Nurrohkayati
2019Self-preserving dispositions and strategies of modern Russian youthShapovalova, I. S.; Polukhin, O. N.; Kisilenko, A. V.; Peresypkin, A. P.; Verzunova, L. V.
2015State regulation features of university integration into national innovative system in the light of "triple helix" modern conceptPolukhin, O. N.; Mishunin, V. V.; Peresypkin, A. P.; Funikova, S. V.; Taranova, E. N.
2013The axiological nature of the concepts meaning and senseProkhorova, O. N.; Chekulai, I. V.; Peresypkin, A. P.
2014The comparative analisis of set expressions with the lexeme fire as a component in typological aspectProkhorova, O. N.; Chekulai, I. V.; Peresypkin, A. P.; Romashina, O. Y.
2017The mental structure of assessment as a linguistic and synergetic phenomenonProkhorova, O. N.; Chekulai, I. V.; Baghana, J.; Kuprieva, I. A.; Peresypkin, A. P.
2014The problem of interaction of concepts guilt/вина and conscience/совесть in the Russian and English linguoculturesProkhorova, O. N.; Chekulai, I. V.; Kuprieva, I. A.; Peresypkin, A. P.; Balashova, O. V.
2022The Quartile Index Calculation for the Leading Russian Universities and its Pairwise Correlations with Other Scientific MetricsMoskovkin, V. M.; Reznichenko, O. S.; Peresypkin, A. P.; Doborovich, A. N.