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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Adenomatous lesions of the major duodenal papilla in conjunction with pancreatic heterotopiaTverskoi, A. V.; Dolzhikov, A. A.; Morozov, V. N.; Petrichko, S. A.; Mukhina, T. S.
2018Effect of carbamylated darbepoetin administration at different doses on the thymus and spleen structure of ratsTverskoi, A. V.; Zhuchenko, M. A.; Kolesnichenko, P. D.; Morozova, E. N.; Morozov, V. N.
2019Influence of palm oil enriched diet on the morphofunctional condition of rats mandibular condylar cartilageKrikun, E. N.; Ismailova, K. R.; Luzin, V. I.; Morozov, V. N.; Morozova, E. N.
2015Microscopic features of buccal epithelium in smokers students indo-dravidian race: by E. HootonAsadov R, I.Ogly; Morozova, E. N.; Zabolotnaya, S. V.; Mikhailik, T. A.; Morozov, V. N.
2018Morphology of the rat’s brain in four vessels model of ischemic stroke after administration of carbamylated darbepoetinTverskoy, A. V.; Kolesnichenko, P. D.; Shcheblykina, O. V.; Gorbunova, N. S.; Morozov, V. N.
2019Pecularities of the influence of cyclophosphamide and imunophan on the processes of apoptosis and necrosis in Peyers patches of rats small intestineMorozova, E. N.; Morozov, V. N.; Tverskoi, A. V.; Zabolotnaya, S. V.; Kaliuzhnaya, E. N.
2018Rare branching pattern of the subscapular arteryTverskoi, A. V.; Morozov, V. N.; Petrichko, S. A.; Pushkarskiy, V. V.; Parichuk, A. S.
2015The relationship between parameters of the peyer's patches of the small intestine in intact ratsMorozov, V. N.; Morozova, E. N.