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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019An innovative way for extraction of essential oil components from Pimpinella Anisum L. fruitsBoyko, N. N.; Pisarev, D. I.; Zhilyakova, E. T.; Malyutina, A. Yu.; Novikov, O. O.
2021Application of parameters and requirements for the expert systems assessment in nano fiber based pharmaceutical technologyBaskakova, A. V.; Zhilyakova, E. T.; Malyutina, A. Yu.; Avtina, N. V.; Radyukova, V. I.; Kozubova, L. A.
2021High performance liquid chromatography method for determination of carnosine and taurine and composition them with Fe₃O₄ nanoparticlesFadeeva, D. A.; Zhilyakova, E. T.; Malyutina, A. Yu.; Kazakova, V. S.; Avtina, N. V.; Timoshenko, E. Yu.
2022Investigation of releasing therapeutic solutions from soft contact lens surfaces constructed by nanoparticlesZhilyakova, E. T.; Naplekov, D. K.; Malyutina, A. Yu.; Fadeeva, D. A.; Avtina, N. V.
2020New approach to drug delivery in ophthalmological practice: development of composite ophthalmological solution for drug loading of soft contact lensesNaplekov, D. K.; Zhilyakova, E. T.; Malyutina, A. Yu.; Bondarev, A. V.; Demina, N. B.
2019Working out quality standards of model composition samples of granulated dosage form with glutathione restoredAlekseeva, K. A.; Pisarev, D. I.; Malyutina, A. Yu.; Zhilyakova, E. T.; Tsvetkova, Z. E.